Patidar vs Rajput: In Support of Rupala 200 Posters in Rajkot,Patidar Meeting This Evening

The controversial plea made by the prominent figure has sparked anger in the Kshatriya community. This figure has sought forgiveness from the Kshatriya society three times. When supporters of this figure came in strong, the Patidar community entered the field. Today, a meeting of the main institutions and leaders of the Patidars is organized in Rajkot. According to sources, in the shape of a meeting at a Patidar leader’s factory in Shapar, preparations are underway. Society remains silent on the venue and who will attend. It remains to be seen whether the leaders of political parties will join the meeting. Currently, the arrival and departure of BJP leaders in Delhi have begun.

Massive Support for Ruapala in Ambika Township

In Ambika Township, more than 200 posters supporting Ruapala have been put up. Under the leadership of the Youth Club, around 200 members of various societies have expressed their support for Ruapala. Meanwhile, Mahant Narendrabhai Solanki, a former corporator of Rajkot Municipal Corporation, who has been out of politics for a long time, came to the forefront and appealed to forgive Ruapala.

Meetings Held by Over 200 Societies

Jignesh Kalavadiya, President of Rajkot Youth Club, announced that a meeting of over 200 societies and flat owners’ associations under the Youth Club took place in Ambika Township, where unanimous support was given to Ruapala for the development of the community. The Rajkot Youth Club represents all sections of society. Here, more than 200 hoardings supporting Ruapala have been put up. In the future, a gathering of more than 10,000 people will be organized here.

Kshatriyas Should Consider Forgiving Ruapala

When former corporator of Rajkot Municipal Corporation and current prominent figure Narendrabhai Solanki announced that Ruapala, the BJP candidate for Rajkot Lok Sabha meeting, had made an appeal regarding the Kshatriya community, he also sought forgiveness from them. He mentioned that such a mistake had occurred for the first time in 40 years. Therefore, Kshatriyas should consider forgiving Ruapala. Respected Mahant Lalbapu of Gadhetda Ashram also speaks positively on this matter.

Narendra Solanki Openly Supports Ruapala

He mentioned that just as Maharana Pratap or Prithviraj Chauhan were forgiven for their past aggressions, so should be Ruapala. When Kshatriyas have given away 562 royal states and made significant sacrifices for the country, it’s reasonable that Purushottam Ruapala, through his written request, seeks forgiveness from them. Therefore, Ruapala has received suitable leadership for Rajkot district. Hence, they should be the BJP candidate for Rajkot Lok Sabha meeting

BJP’s candidate for Umreth constituency, Purushottam Rupala, has received support from Patidars amid controversial demands. During a special conversation with Ramjibhai Jadega, a key member of the Rajput community’s main core committee, they expressed that if the Patidar community does not hold meetings, it’s better. They had received calls from the leaders, and we have requested them not to treat this matter as a social issue.

Consequences of Not Addressing Issues

Ramjibhai Jadega further expressed that there are no issues within the society, only personal matters. Patidar community’s leaders understand this. There’s no dispute between communities. These are personal matters, and we have stated this publicly everywhere. We urge the Patidar society not to create unnecessary tension. We have maintained discipline; if something unnecessary happens, it will be problematic. Some villages, including Koli and other societies, have also come in support of the Rajput community and hold meetings. The question arises about the acceptance of a society. BJP has no source to work. Hindutva is being done by us, but Hindutva is our domain.

Importance of Maintaining Environment

It was further stated that when Purushottam Rupala made the plea, he said that whatever is, it’s my fault. Neither the society nor the individuals have to suffer; I have to suffer. When Purushottam Rupala himself made such a request, then why create an environment of tension afterward? We urge the Patidar society not to hold any meetings and not to create a tense atmosphere. In the coming days, Purushottam Rupala’s protest programs will be held. Strategy will be formed today.

Historical Feud between Kshatriya and Patidar

Lalit Vasoya, Congress candidate for Porbandar Lok Sabha seat, stated that I am not appealing as a social media Congress candidate, nor as a Porbandar Lok Sabha candidate, but as a son of a Patidar. Political figures within Saurashtra have been fighting each other for years due to their selfish interests. Today, due to the efforts of leaders of all societies, there is an atmosphere of brotherhood within Saurashtra. When Purushottam Rupala, who has enjoyed power, is fighting against the Patidar society, I object.

No One’s Hands in This Battle

He further expressed that I also appeal to my Patidar community that if you want to give your vote, give it to Rupala; if you want to give support, give it to Rupala. But openly indulging in the fight between Kshatriya society’s daughters-in-law and the Roti-Beati issue, perhaps saying something about other societies apart from the Patidar society might have provoked us all. Therefore, I appeal to everyone that without anyone’s hands in this fight, the atmosphere should remain peaceful. We are all trying for this on social media, through posts, and publicly everywhere, that in this battle, without anyone’s hands, the environment remains peaceful.

Upholding the Dignity of the Kshatriya Society

In opposition to the Kshatriya community, it has been emphasized more that, whether I am a political figure or later someone else, I take the election and make efforts to separate my society by serving my rotla to the society. Then there is a division between the two societies among the small people of the village, which has to be endured for years. When we see this atmosphere in Saurashtra, it is my humble request that, whether it is any political or social fight, without making hands to someone, considering our society’s brothers living inside the village, do not put any post against the Kshatriya society inside the social media. Fold my two hands and request this.

Resignation Protest in Rajkot

On the other hand, Padminibha Vala, the women president of the Rajput community in Rajkot’s Kshatriya society, is sitting on a hunger strike for the second day in a row at the Rajput Sabha located in Railnagar in Rajkot. Their only demand is that the ticket of Rupala should be canceled. If the ticket is not canceled, then there is a possibility of a rebellion in Kamalmaman.

BJP Meeting Proves Ineffective

The meeting of the Kshatriya activists with the state president of the BJP, C.R. Patil, was organized. In which Patil had asked for forgiveness from the Kshatriya society through Rupala. But anger persists among the Kshatriyas as usual. Yesterday, a meeting of the core committee of the Rajput community was held at the Gotavistar of the city. Earlier, a meeting of the core committee of the Rajput community was held in a hotel on A.S.G. Highway. From Rajkot, Padminibha Vala reached Gotavistar at the Rajput Bhavan. Four women members also came from Ahmedabad. No decision was made at today’s meeting, and this meeting was unsuccessful. Kshatriya activists had only demanded the cancellation of Rupala’s ticket before BJP leaders.

Chief Minister to Delhi Today

Amidst the opposition to the foremost Kshatriya Rupala in Gujarat, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel is leaving for Delhi today. A meeting on the election strategy of BJP will be held in Delhi at 3 p.m. After the meeting, there is also a possibility of a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Just 4 days ago, Bhupendra Patel and Gujarat BJP state president C.R. Patil had gone to Delhi. There is also news that Rupala had also reached Delhi and met with the central leadership. There is a possibility that after the meeting, they may return to Gujarat.

Rupala’s Controversial Statement on March 23

Looking at the statement regarding the Kshatriya society of Purushottam Rupala, in a public program of the Valmiki community held last month on March 23. It was said that when there were British in India, they were looting and kings were having bread-butter transactions, but neither my side society changed its religion nor did any transaction. Ram has come for this reason after 1000 years. They did not bow down even with swords. Neither did they break due to fear nor due to hunger. These eternal heirs of Sanatan Dharma who remain steadfast, I am proud of them.

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