Modi Commends CJI Chandrachud for Understanding Rajkot, Praises Gujarati Speaking Skills

Chief Justice D.V. Chandrachud visited the inauguration of the new complex of the Rajkot court on Saturday. During his address, he made an effort to speak in Gujarati and praised the understanding of the people of Rajkot. Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a video of this speech on his social media, acknowledging the Chief Justice’s commendable attempt to speak in Gujarati.

“My Fortunate Fate to Come to the Holy Land of Saints”

Chief Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud inaugurated the new building of the Rajkot court, which cost 110 crores, stating that it was his fortunate fate to come to the holy land. In his contextual discourse, he initiated with a greeting, “Jai Shri Krishna, Kem Cho, Maja Ma Cho Ne,” expressing his admiration for the sacred land of saints. He emphasized the significance of the city and its historical connection, dating back to its establishment in 1610.

“From Noon to Four in the Afternoon, Everyone Takes a Nap”

The vibrant city of Rajkot is famous for its Garba, birthday celebrations in Racecourse Ground, and the manufacturing of various industrial tools. It is said that in Rajkot, from noon to four in the afternoon, everyone takes a nap, and then in the evening, they gather on Racecourse Road to enjoy Fafda Gathiya and Jalebi, renowned snacks and sweets of the city.

“A Step Forward in Rajkot’s Era of Glory”

Rajkot’s legal fraternity now has a new courthouse, showcasing a remarkable step forward in the city’s era of glory. This new building, with 39 courts operating under its roof, reflects the commitment to progress, unity, and inclusiveness, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel.

“Protecting Citizens’ Rights Should Be a Priority”

Justice Chandrachud emphasized the need for the protection of citizens’ rights to be a priority in the judicial system. He praised the Gujarat court for prioritizing the working conditions of female court staff, ensuring essential facilities, and encouraging “Chai Pe Charcha”-like discussions to address and solve problems.

Chief Justice Visits Somnath Mahadev

Chief Justice Chandrachud visited the Somnath Temple, the first of the twelve Jyotirlingas, and bowed his head before the deity. Following the ritualistic worship, he experienced gratitude during the chanting of the first shloka and participated in the ‘Someshwar Mahapuja,’ conducted according to scriptures, expressing a divine and auspicious occasion.

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