Vadodara Woman’s Tragic Death: Son’s 108 Call – 17 Questions, Ambulance Delayed 15 Minutes, Resorting to Rickshaw Transport

In Vadodara, an elderly woman met her demise allegedly due to the negligence of her son, who is accused of delaying emergency medical assistance. This morning, as the elderly woman began experiencing chest pains unexpectedly, her son reportedly dialed 108 for emergency assistance. 

However, it is claimed that the emergency responders raised 17 questions before dispatching aid to the deceased’s son, prompting accusations of deliberate delay. Moreover, it’s asserted that had the emergency services been summoned in a timely manner, the woman’s death could have been prevented, sparking serious allegations. This incident prompted an uproar at the SSG Hospital, with 108 officials rushing to clarify their standard response time protocols.

108 Service Held Accountable Following Mother’s Death

In the locality of Ramdevpiri in the Bhutadi Zapa area of the city, a sudden chest pain struck 65-year-old Laxmiben Devjibhai Khuman. Her son promptly contacted 108 ambulance services. However, when the ambulance failed to arrive in due time, they resorted to taking her to Sayaji Hospital via a rickshaw. 

Upon reaching Sayaji Hospital, doctors declared her deceased. In response, Laxmiben’s son held the 108 ambulance service accountable for her untimely demise, emphasizing the need for prompt response and accurate information regarding the location and urgency of the situation. 

This incident has sparked concerns over the reliability of emergency services, prompting a call for heightened vigilance to ensure such incidents do not recur.

An uproar in the hospital due to the death of an old man.

Gopalbhai Criticizes 108 Personnel for Unnecessary Questions:

Gopalbhai, the son of the patient, expressed frustration over the response of 108 ambulance services, stating that when his mother’s health suddenly deteriorated, they had to rush her to the hospital for emergency treatment. He explained that they immediately called 108 for assistance. 

However, he highlighted an issue where the 108 personnel reportedly asked 17 questions during the call. He questioned the necessity and manner of these inquiries, expressing dissatisfaction with the delay caused by this process. 

Gopalbhai recounted instances when he had called 108 before and had not received prompt responses. Consequently, in this critical situation, they opted to transport his mother to Sayaji Hospital themselves in an autorickshaw, where doctors pronounced her deceased upon arrival.

Gopalbhai Khuman, son of deceased lady.

Immediate Response Upon Receiving Call: In-charge’s Statement

The ambulance was dispatched immediately upon receiving the call,” stated the in-charge. In a comprehensive effort to understand the entire incident, a team from source engaged in a discussion with the 108 in-charge to uncover the root cause of the matter. 

Upon investigating the 108 center located in Sayaji Hospital, it was found that the patient’s call for emergency assistance was promptly attended to: the ambulance was dispatched within a minute of the call received at 9:00 AM, and within two minutes upon receiving the second call at 9:00 AM. 

However, there was a delay in communicating with the patient’s family members regarding the ambulance’s arrival at the location within seven minutes. Following this, the ambulance was briefly delayed for over 20 minutes at 9:00 AM and returned at 9:29 AM.

Nazir Vohra, Supervisor of Emergency 108.

Son’s Allegations Dismissed: Statement by Nazir Vohra

Regarding the allegations made by the patient’s son, Nazir Vohra, the supervisor of Emergency 108, stated that they are baseless. He emphasized that every ambulance is equipped with GPS tracking. 

Investigation reveals that the call was received at 9:00 AM and within 1 minute, and again at 9:02 AM, prompt response was ensured, with the ambulance dispatched at 9:02 AM. Attempts were made to contact the patient’s family members en route, but unfortunately, there was no response received.

Officials said that 108 arrived on time.

No Response Received Upon Calling: Allegations Refuted

He further elaborated that when the ambulance reached the designated location at 9:00 AM and 10 minutes, no response was received upon calling. Despite waiting for an estimated 20 minutes at the location, there was still no communication received. 

These allegations are baseless. He emphasized that during the morning hours, even a distance of 5 kilometers is covered in just 7 minutes. All these allegations are false, and citizens are urged to ensure that proper locations are provided when calling emergency services like 108, so that patients can be promptly transported to hospitals.

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