No Clean Chit to Kalorex School: Action Ordered for Forcing Children to Pray

The Kalorex School in Ahmedabad organized a prayer event for students, which was met with opposition from Hindu organizations. This incident was reported in Gandhinagar, and the District Education Officer ordered an investigation near the school. After receiving the primary report, the school was directed to conduct educational activities in front of responsible staff. Additionally, a team of three employees from class 2 was formed to conduct further investigations in the school.

Opposition by Hindu Organizations in Kalorex Future School

At Kalorex Future School, students were being taught prayers during school hours. A video of this event went viral on social media, leading to opposition from various Hindu organizations. ABVP also demanded an inquiry into the school. The Education Minister of Gandhinagar took note of this development and instructed the District Education Officer to conduct an immediate investigation. Subsequently, a team was formed to prepare a report on the incident, which was submitted to the District Education Officer. Following this, the District Education Officer issued orders for educational activities to be conducted in front of responsible staff in the school. Further investigations are also being carried out with a team being formed for this purpose.

Order to Conduct Educational Activities in School by District Education Officer

The District Education Officer informed on Tuesday that the school was ordered to provide a written disclosure. After the school’s disclosure, a team was assigned the task of conducting investigations the following day. The team prepared a report for the District Education Officer after conducting an investigation in the school. Following the primary report, the school’s management was ordered to carry out educational activities in front of responsible staff. In addition to this, a team for further investigation has also been formed.

Directive for Educational Activities by District Education Officer in Ahmedabad City

Regarding this matter, Rohit Chaudhari, the District Education Officer of Ahmedabad City, stated that the video of the prayer event in the school is not appropriate. The school has been ordered to conduct educational activities. After this, a team of three employees from class 2 has been formed to carry out inspections. To ensure that such mistakes do not happen in the future, the school has been instructed to seek permission from parents for any religious activities, thus taking into consideration the religious sentiments of all.

What Was Written in the Apology Letter by the School

On Friday, 29th September 2023, our Kalorex School organized a prayer event for students in our school. In this event, the method of prayer was taught to students by a fellow student. After the international Hindu organizations (AHP), National Bajrang Dal (RBD), and National Volunteer Organization raised serious concerns and took note of this matter, we had a discussion with the school management. We take this matter seriously and acknowledge our mistake through this letter, and we assure that such mistakes will not happen again. With this sincere apology, we request the forgiveness of all parents of the school.

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