Energy Company Installs 8 Prepaid Meters, Including MD’s Home, Staff’s Home

After a long wait, the installation of smart prepaid meters has been initiated in the city by MGVCL. As part of the pilot project, 8 smart prepaid meters have been installed in the Vidyut Nagar Colony of MGVCL, including the MD’s bungalow. All activities of these meters will be inspected meticulously by the electricity company officials. Following this, prepaid meters will be installed at other locations as well.

Installation of 32 Lakh Meters in Central Gujarat

MGVCL will install 32 lakh meters in central Gujarat, of which 25,000 meters have been initiated in the pilot project. The first prepaid meters have been installed by MGVCL MD Tejas Parmar at his residence in Vidyut Nagar Colony. The company that manufactures prepaid meters has been assigned the task of supplying and installing smart meters in places like Pipalod (Surat), Jamnagar, Dahegam (Gandhinagar), and Akota (Vadodara). MGVCL will start the pilot project with 25,000 customers in the city and 15,000 customers in the district. Later, it will extend to 3,000 government offices.

No Charges for Installing Smart Prepaid Meters

According to MGVCL’s announcement, there will be no charge for installing smart prepaid meters. After installation, customers won’t need to visit the electricity company’s office for any meter-related issues. All details will be available on mobile phones, where different online options will be available for meter recharge. Customers can receive accurate information about electricity usage on their mobile phones.

Power Supply Even After Recharge

According to sources from the power companies, customers will need to install a mobile application on their phones to recharge regularly and estimate the time of service interruption. This application will also provide real-time notifications. Even after the recharge is completed, the power supply will continue for 8 to 10 hours.

Balance Notification on Mobile

The power company will not charge for the meter. After installing prepaid meters, there will be no need for readers to visit. The issue of how much electricity bill will be generated will be resolved. When the balance decreases, notifications will be received on the mobile app, allowing timely recharges.

No Change in Customers’ Electricity Bills

After all 8 prepaid meters have been successfully tested, meters will be installed throughout the city. The project will move forward after a thorough examination of how prepaid meters operate and whether electricity usage is being noted correctly. There will be no change in bills. – Tejas Parmar, MD, MGVCL

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