Horrific CCTV Footage: Father-Daughter on Activa Tragically Killed by Car, Mother Survives

On Borasad-Ras Road in Anand, a horrifying accident occurred. A family traveling in a Swift car was hit by a speeding vehicle, similar to a football on the road. As a result, the father and two daughters were thrown under the vehicle. The mother, on the other hand, was thrown 15 feet away into a field. In this accident, one of the daughters lost her life on the spot, and the father succumbed to his injuries. The mother and the other daughter are currently in the hospital. The accident created chaos on the road, and CCTV footage of the incident has surfaced, clearly showing the second-by-second sequence of the unfortunate event.

Family on Activa Hit by Car 

Head-On Accidents have been on the rise in recent times in the state. Just recently, in Mahesana, a truck collided with a rickshaw, resulting in the tragic deaths of four people from a village. Today, a horrifying accident has occurred in Anand district, where a family was struck by a car head-on while riding an Activa scooter. The driver of the car collided with them forcefully, causing severe injuries to the mother, father, and their two daughters.

Two Lives Ended Right on the Road 

CCTV footage of this accident is also available. From what can be seen, a car suddenly hit the scooter, which led to the father and daughters being thrown under the vehicle. The mother, thrown 15 feet away into the field, also suffered severe injuries. The father and one daughter lost their lives due to a slight mistake on the part of the car driver, tragically ending the lives of two people right on the road. The mother and the other daughter were also seriously injured and were rushed to the hospital. On the other hand, the car driver was immediately present at the Borasad Rural Police Station.

Mother Rescued 

In the village of Dawol, Borasad Taluka, a horrifying incident occurred. The incident unfolded as Kiranbhai Jadav, who lives with his 24-year-old sister Nishaben, was passing by the road in Activa along with his wife and two daughters, Jiya and Devanshi. At that time, a car coming from the opposite direction suddenly collided with Kiranbhai’s Activa, throwing his wife, Nishaben, and their two daughters onto the road. All four suffered serious injuries to their heads and other body parts, resulting in the tragic loss of Kiranbhai’s five-year-old daughter Jiya Jadav. The car also veered off the road to the side.

Mother and Daughter Hospitalization 

As the news spread, the Borasad Rural Police team, along with a 108 ambulance, rushed to the scene and transported the three injured family members to the government hospital in Borasad for treatment. Among them, Kiranbhai Jadav also succumbed to his injuries. At present, the injured Nishaben and her daughter Devanshi are undergoing treatment at the Vaghodia Hospital.

Fatal Morning Ride with Her Family

Complainant Vijaybhai Gohil states that the accident occurred unexpectedly as they left for my sister Nishaben, and Kiranbhai Jadav’s house due to a family tragedy. While traveling on the road, they encountered an unforeseen incident. In this accident, my sister and both nieces, Jiya and Devanshi, lost their lives. My sister and younger niece are currently in a critical condition, and their treatment is ongoing at Vaghodia Hospital.

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