Ahmedabad Petrol Pump Looter Arrested in Dramatic ‘Singham-Style’ Chase

In Ahmedabad’s Anandnagar neighborhood, a robbery took place just before Diwali. Two robbers, armed with a gun, entered an office near the Shell petrol pump late at night. They looted mobile phones and cash. After the robbery, the robbers fled, and two police officers chased them. While the robbers brandished their guns at the police, the officers boldly confronted them and disarmed the robbers, subsequently arresting them. The entire robbery incident was captured on the office’s CCTV camera.

Robber on the Run Tracked by Police in Ahmedabad

On Anandnagar Road in Ahmedabad, last night, two robbers armed with weapons looted at the Shell petrol pump. They robbed mobile phones and cash, causing panic among the employees and the people around. During the commotion, two police officers, Virendra and Rajesh from the Anandnagar police station, reached the scene. Having identified the robbers, they began to pursue the fleeing suspect.

Gun Discharges During Police Pursuit

After chasing the suspects for about 2 kilometers, the robbers arrived near the Amul Parlor. There, they tried to intimidate a couple by brandishing a gun. The on-duty staff at the location promptly informed the police. Subsequently, police officer Virendra, taking a daring step, tried to disarm the robber. In the ensuing struggle, the gun accidentally discharged and fell to the ground. Both robbers, as well as the police, seized the opportunity, and the police officers swiftly apprehended them.

Police Subdue All Three Robbers

The captured suspects were identified as Sahani and Sanjay Sahani, along with another individual, involved in the robbery. All three robbers reside in Gokulnagar, behind the YMCA Club. Sanjay Sahani works at Sanjay Tiles, while Sahani is a laborer and is known to the lawyers. It was revealed during interrogation that the gun was handed to Sahani by a person named Sikander Sahani, who lived with them. Sikander, who was also present, had offered a tempting proposition to carry out the robbery. The police successfully apprehended all three robbers and are conducting further investigations.

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