Tragic Gujarat-Rajasthan Border Accident: 4 Dead, 1 Injured in Collision with Car Travels

In an unfortunate and unforeseen incident near the Gujarat-Rajasthan border, a fatal collision occurred, resulting in the loss of lives and injuries. The incident unfolded in the vicinity of Rongside, located approximately 6 kilometers from Shamla, Gujarat, and is situated within the Rajasthan territory. This accident involved a head-on collision between a car belonging to Khangiga Travelers and a car traveling from Veechhivada, Dungarpur, towards Shamla, Gujarat.

The collision had devastating consequences, claiming the lives of four young individuals from the Aravalli region, while another young man sustained severe injuries. The injured individual is currently receiving medical treatment for the injuries sustained in the accident.

Car Accident

Tragic Accident on Udaipur-Ahmedabad Highway Claims Lives of Aravalli Youths

In a grievous incident on the Udaipur-Ahmedabad National Highway 48, a tragic accident occurred, involving a collision between a car and a private bus, which resulted in the loss of lives of several young individuals from the Aravalli region. This heart-wrenching incident unfolded near Rongside, along the said highway, as a car carrying passengers from the vicinity of Shamla collided head-on with a private bus.

The catastrophic collision led to the unfortunate demise of four young individuals from various areas, including Khari in the vicinity of Veenpura, and Pandarwada village. Additionally, one young man sustained serious injuries and was expeditiously transported to a medical facility for immediate medical attention.

Local authorities and emergency response teams rapidly arrived at the accident scene to provide essential assistance and manage the situation. A comprehensive investigation into the accident has been initiated to ascertain the exact circumstances and factors that contributed to this tragic event.

Vigilant Action Taken by Veenpura Police Following the Tragic Incident

In the wake of the tragic accident, the Veenpura Police swiftly responded to the scene to commence their investigative procedures. After significant efforts, the lifeless bodies of the young individuals involved in the accident were carefully extracted from the vehicles.

The deceased individuals have been transported to the appropriate medical facilities for post-mortem examinations, in adherence to standard legal procedures and protocols. This process is essential in order to establish the precise cause of death and provide accurate documentation for legal and administrative purposes.

Tragic Incident

Fatal Collision Involving Car and Luxury Bus Claims Lives of Aravalli Youths

A devastating accident occurred on the Udaipur-Ahmedabad National Highway 48, resulting in the tragic loss of lives of five young men from the Aravalli district who were on their way to Rajasthan for work-related purposes. The accident transpired near Beechivada, close to Shamla on the national highway, as their car collided head-on with a luxury bus traveling in the opposite direction.

This collision was catastrophic, leading to the unfortunate deaths of four individuals on the spot. The fifth young man sustained severe injuries and was promptly transported to the hospital in a critical condition.

Of the deceased individuals, two were residents of Shamla, one was from Khari, and one was from Pandarwada. The injured individual’s condition was serious, requiring immediate medical attention at the Dungarpur hospital.

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