Earth’s Biggest Solar Storm in 20 Years Sparks Colorful Skies from Ladakh to Florida

After 20 years, on May 10, Friday, the Earth was hit by the most powerful solar storm. Due to this solar storm, there were intense lightning flashes in the sky from Tasmania to Britain. Many satellites and power grids were also damaged. Solar storms also caused sightings of auroras in many places around the world. During this time, the sky displayed colorful hues due to the solar storm. Skygazers from Ladakh to Florida witnessed colorful skies.

Solar Storm Impact Predicted by NOAA

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the effects of this solar storm will last until the end of the week. It is mainly observable in the northern and southern regions of the world. However, if it becomes powerful, it can be seen in many other places. Satellite operators, airlines, and power grid operators are on alert. According to NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center, this solar storm on Earth is caused by several coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from the sun. It is noteworthy that coronal mass ejections refer to the energy emitted from the sun’s surface and magnetic field.

Display of Colorful Light in the Sky

The reason for the occurrence of solar storms is coronal mass ejections from the sun. Essentially, during coronal mass ejections, particles from the sun enter the Earth’s magnetic field. After entering Earth, a reaction occurs, causing the particles to display colorful light. In simple terms, the meaning of coronal mass ejections is the release of energy from the sun’s surface and magnetic field.

Impact of Solar Storms on Earth’s Magnetic Field

Solar storms affect the Earth’s magnetic field. These storms can also cause damage to power grids. Additionally, aircraft may experience communication disturbances. Hence, NASA advises its astronauts to stay inside the International Space Station during solar storms.

Last Major Solar Storm Occurred in 2003

This solar storm is the second largest storm after the “Halloween Storm” in October 2003. The Halloween storm caused blackout in Sweden. Due to the storm, grids were disrupted in South Africa as well. Scientists have now also said that during these coming days, more CME particles can enter Earth.

Solar Storms’ Impact on Expansion

Professor Matthew Owens of Reading University’s Space Physics says that the impact of solar storms will be most experienced on the Earth’s northern and southern latitudes. However, where it will spread and how powerful it will remain depends on it. The impact of these solar storms will be seen in states like Northern California and Alabama in America. Solar storms affect Earth’s magnetic field and can cause damage to energy centers. Moreover, radiation can also cause problems in aircraft. Therefore, the safety of astronauts has been given full attention, and all necessary precautions are being taken.

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