Yemen Port Chaos: Salaya’s Ship Fire Sparks Rescue of 8 Sailors at Mukalla

A ship loaded with goods caught fire unexpectedly at Yemen’s Mukalla Port, causing immediate chaos. The vessel, named Sultan of Madina, was filled with cargo when a fire broke out suddenly. Quick firefighting measures were implemented at the port, leading to the immediate rescue of eight crew members aboard the ship.

Vessel Engulfed in Flames in Yemen

Another ship in Yemen, laden with goods, caught fire, turning the vessel into ashes. According to available information, on Monday morning, a cargo-laden ship named Sultan of Madina caught fire unexpectedly at Mukalla Port in Yemen. The immediate firefighting operation at the port saved the lives of all eight crew members on board the vessel.

Immediate Rescue of Eight Crew Members in Vessel Fire

As the flames intensified, a formidable rescue operation was carried out. Despite the successful rescue of the eight crew members, the vessel succumbed to the fire. This vessel is identified as the property of Ms. Roshanben Yasin. This incident has been disappointing for the sailors who depend on the sea for their livelihoods. The recent months have witnessed several incidents of ship sinking and damage, causing significant losses to the maritime community.

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