Shocking Discovery: Ahmedabad’s Tomatoes Restaurant Serves Chicken in Veg Mexican Hotpot

In a tomato restaurant located in South Bopal, Ahmedabad, a young man went to dine with his friends. When the young man placed an order for a vegetarian Mexican hotpot, things took an unexpected turn. As they began their meal, they were shocked to find chicken in their order. Troubled by this, they brought it to the restaurant manager’s attention, but received no response. Frustrated, the young man decided to file a complaint with the restaurant owner.

Friends Placed a Vegetarian Order 

When they initially placed the order, it seemed like a routine dining experience, but to their surprise, chicken was served instead of the vegetarian dish. One evening, a young man named Mit Raval went to Tomatoes Restaurant in South Bopal, Ahmedabad with his friends. They ordered dishes like veg Mexican hotpot, chocolate truffle, dal makhani, paratha, rice, and lemonade, amounting to a total of 1926 Rupees. The bill included 655 Rupees for the veg Mexican hotpot.

Suspicion Arises with the Hotpot 

After placing the order, Mit and his friends sat in the restaurant waiting for their food. However, suspicion arose when they inspected the hotpot and found chicken in it. They had specifically ordered a vegetarian Mexican hotpot, but it was served with chicken, leading to their dissatisfaction. Mit brought the issue to the restaurant manager’s attention, who acknowledged their complaint but did not provide any response. Mit and his friends were left with no choice but to complain to the restaurant owner.

“I Am a Brahmin and Never Eat Non-Vegetarian Food”: Mit 

In this situation, Mit Raval clarified that he is a Brahmin and never consumes non-vegetarian food. Even when placing the order, he had emphasized his preference for a vegetarian meal. However, when their order arrived and they began to eat, they discovered chicken in the hotpot. This revelation angered them greatly. In an attempt to address the issue, Mit spoke with another recognizable person from the restaurant’s second branch. However, they received no satisfactory response from the restaurant, and no one from the restaurant staff offered a solution.

Niyati Rao

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