Stunning Helicopter Entry: 3 Grooms’ Grand Arrival Wows Mass Wedding in Rajula (25 km Distance)

The atmosphere of weddings in the state is currently vibrant. Plans are underway for grand wedding arrangements. While families may arrange for luxurious cars or chariots for the groom, in Saurashtra, many families are opting for helicopters at weddings, making the celebrations grand. In the village of Kathivadar in Amreli, a collective wedding celebration was organized by the Ahir community. Three grooms made a spectacular entry in helicopters. The arrival by helicopter became a center of attraction.

Helicopter Entry from Kovaya to Kathivadar

Group wedding celebrations were organized in the village of Kathivadar, Rajula. Former head of Rajula taluka panchayat, Mithabhai Lakhnotra’s son Hitesh, Ajranbhai’s son Vanraj, and Babubhai Lakhnotra’s son Madhav, all three grooms from Kovaya village, arrived in helicopters at Kathivadar village. Kathivadar is only 25 kilometers away from Kovaya, but the grooms chose to arrive by helicopter.

Three Circuits in the Helicopter

During the collective wedding celebration, the entry of Groom’s helicopter astonished everyone. People from small villages who witnessed helicopters for the first time were greatly attracted. The three Grooms arrived in the helicopter. The helicopter made three circuits, with each Groom reaching the mandap one after the other. Mithabhai Lakhnotra, the leader of the Ahir community and former head of Rajula taluka panchayat, made efforts to inspire the society by organizing his son’s wedding as a part of the collective wedding, and they flew with Groom in the helicopter. Newlyweds in Kathivadar village were welcomed with great pomp.

Helicopter Entry for the Groom and Bride

It is noteworthy that previously in Halol as well, a Groom had made an entry in a helicopter. Unique weddings were organized in Halol city’s Muslim community. With royal splendor, Groom’s helicopter arrived in Halol along with his family for the wedding. Interestingly, if both the groom and the bride are from Halol, a helicopter was arranged to make an entry into the wedding pavilion for entertainment purposes. The groom and bride took a circuit in the helicopter before returning to Pavagadh. These sights also astonished the attendees. This is the first such initiative in Halol, sparking discussions across the entire city about these wedding events.

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