Ahmedabad Hotel Worker Discovers Lover of Woman Police Constable Hanging

On February 29th in Ahmedabad, a female constable, while performing duty at Paladi Police Station, attempted suicide by hanging herself due to the harassment by her lover. The police began investigating the case of attempted suicide by the lover. Subsequently, the lover attempted suicide by hanging himself at a hotel in Paladi, which prompted the Ellisbridge police to initiate an investigation.

Pressure to Quit Job

Lalita Parmar, who served as an LRD (Local Responsive Department) at Paladi Police Station, committed suicide by hanging herself in a rented house in Vasna Khodiyaar Nagar a few days before. Police began investigating this case as well. Lalita Parmar, a female police officer, mentioned in her suicide note that her lover, named Jashvant residing in the village, constantly made threatening calls to her and pressured her to quit her job.

Jashvant’s Stay at Sargam Hotel

In the investigation, it was noted that Jashvant, Lalita’s lover, was recorded as a suspect in Soladi village of Surendranagar district. He was seen coming to Ahmedabad during the course of the investigation. Jashvant stayed at Sargam Hotel in Paldi and was found hanging in his hotel room the next day. Ellisbridge police have initiated an investigation into this case.

Discovery at the Hotel

According to the hotel owner Mahipalsinh, Jashvant arrived at the hotel on March 4th. He was given a room based on his Aadhar card. After checking in at night, Jashvant was found hanging in the hotel room the next day when his phone went unanswered. The hotel staff opened the door with a duplicate key and found Jashvant hanging from the ceiling, leading to the police being informed about the incident.

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