Disturbing Incident Unfolds: Woman Raped in Moving Bus as Driver-Conductor Commits Crime During Passengers’ Sleep

Alleged Misconduct by Bus Driver and Conductor towards Female Passenger

In an unfortunate incident, a female passenger traveling from Madhya Pradesh to Morbi in a Khangi Travels bus has reported harassment by the bus driver and conductor. The victim, who was subjected to indecent behavior, bravely filed a complaint against the accused personnel.

The incident took place during the night when passengers on the bus, which originated near Dahod, were reportedly facing discomfort. The driver, Ganesh Badiya Damor, and the conductor, Ashish Bhil, allegedly engaged in inappropriate conduct towards the female passenger.

The police have taken swift action and apprehended the accused driver and conductor. The victim, who hails from Madhya Pradesh and was traveling to Morbi, is cooperating with the authorities in the investigation. The bus, operated by Khangi Travels, had passengers from various places, and the alleged misconduct occurred during the night journey.

This incident highlights the importance of ensuring the safety and security of passengers during bus travel, and authorities are expected to conduct a thorough investigation to bring justice to the victim.

Alleged Harassment on Bus: Quick Police Action and Arrests Made

In an unfortunate incident, a female passenger reported an incident of harassment on a bus from Madhya Pradesh to Morbi. Promptly taking action, the victim informed the 181 helpline, which alerted the Morbi police.

The seriousness of the matter prompted the Morbi police to actively participate in the investigation. The team quickly identified the accused driver and conductor involved in the alleged misconduct on the bus. The Morbi police registered a case based on the victim’s complaint and transferred it to the Dahod police for further investigation.

The accused, identified as Ganesh Damor (driver) and Ashish Bhil (conductor), are now facing charges under sections IPC-376(2)N, 506(1), and 114. The bus, associated with Khangi Travels, has been seized as part of the ongoing investigation.

This incident emphasizes the importance of swift police response and active collaboration between law enforcement agencies in ensuring the safety and security of passengers. The Dahod police will conduct a thorough investigation to bring justice to the victim and hold the accused accountable.

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