Saputara Gamkhwar Accident: Gandhinagar Creta Crushed Under Firewood Truck, 4 Fatalities

In a somber event today, an unfortunate accident took place in the Saputara ghat of the Dang district. The incident involved a truck loaded with firewood overturning onto a Hyundai Creta car with registration number GJ-18 BM-0701 from Gandhinagar. The horrifying outcome saw the untimely demise of four tourists who were traveling in the ill-fated car. Additionally, one person sustained injuries in the accident, highlighting the severity of the incident. The community is left mourning this tragic loss, and the incident underscores the pressing need for enhanced safety measures on the region’s roads.

Creta Car and Firewood Truck

Fatal Collision Near Saputara Ghat: Creta Car and Firewood Truck Tragedy Claims Four Lives

In a tragic incident near Saputara Ghat, a collision occurred between a Hyundai Creta car and a truck loaded with firewood, resulting in the loss of four lives. Additionally, one person sustained injuries in the unfortunate accident. The scene drew a crowd of onlookers, prompting a swift response from local authorities. Upon receiving information about the incident, the police team promptly arrived at the scene to conduct a thorough investigation, working to identify the deceased individuals. The gravity of the situation underscores the importance of road safety and accident prevention measures in the region.

Tragic Overturning Accident in Saputara

Tragic Overturning Accident in Saputara Ghat Claims Four Lives: Local Authorities and Residents Swiftly Respond

In a grave incident on the Saputara ghat road, a truck loaded with wood overturned, tragically collapsing on top of a car and causing it to overturn. The severity of the accident led to the immediate loss of all four occupants of the car. The aftermath of the incident stirred commotion throughout the area. Local police and residents swiftly responded, reaching the scene promptly to initiate evacuation efforts upon learning about the tragedy. The incident underscores the critical need for prompt and effective emergency response measures in such unforeseen events.

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