Municipal Corporation Introduces E-Bike and Cycle Service After Vibrant’s Lead

Free Bike Sharing Project to Commence Ahead of Vibrant Gujarat Summit

In anticipation of the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Summit, a free bike-sharing project is set to kick off from January 10th. Prior to the main summit, this pre-Vibrant Gujarat event aims to provide a unique opportunity for both national and international delegates to explore Gandhinagar. This initiative will not only benefit the esteemed guests attending Vibrant Gujarat but also the residents of the city.

As part of this project, special stands with QR codes have been set up on both sides of the road near the Swarnim Park at Mahatma Mandir. Each stand features 15 bicycles provided by the Municipal Corporation of Gandhinagar. This initiative is in collaboration with the Manpa app, where 15 stands have been designated for bike sharing.

The project is initiated by the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation to encourage sustainable and convenient transportation. Residents and delegates alike can avail themselves of this bike-sharing service by depositing Rs. 500 for regular bicycles and Rs. 1500 for e-bikes.

This bike-sharing initiative not only promotes eco-friendly transportation but also adds a dynamic and accessible element to the overall experience of both the delegates and the citizens of Gandhinagar during the Vibrant Gujarat Summit.

Niyati Rao

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