Transport Upgrade: Vibrant to Operate 30 Buses for Public Transportation Facility

Responsibility for Route Allocated to RTO Department

To enhance the efficiency of transportation services for the workforce reaching Vibrant Gujarat Summit, the government has delegated the responsibility to various departments. The Department of RTO in Gandhinagar has been entrusted with the responsibility of managing public transportation for attendees, particularly from Mahatma Mandir during the event. As a result, private vehicles will not be allowed to ply on the routes connecting sectors 16, 11, and Saij, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic.

During the summit, approximately 30 shuttle buses will run through the designated routes, connecting various sectors to Mahatma Mandir. Private vehicles will not be permitted to ply on these routes. Additionally, the parking arrangements for public vehicles around the exhibition center have been organized to facilitate the movement of attendees.

Furthermore, the RTO department in Gandhinagar is also responsible for the transportation of supporting staff arriving from different parts of the country and abroad. Special buses will be arranged to transport staff staying in various hotels during the Vibrant Gujarat event. This transportation responsibility extends from clerks to officers up to the Inspector level.

Moreover, the Ahmedabad RTOs have been assigned the responsibility of transportation from the airport to Mahatma Mandir for the staff of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The entire process aims to ensure smooth transportation for attendees and minimize inconveniences for the general public.

This comprehensive transportation plan reflects the government’s commitment to efficiently manage traffic and logistics during large-scale events like Vibrant Gujarat Summit. The involvement of multiple departments, including the RTO, showcases a coordinated effort to facilitate seamless movement and enhance the overall experience for participants and the public alike.

Niyati Rao

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