Tragic Accident in Vadodara: Husband Unaware of Wife’s Death After Scorpio Crash, Father Critical in ICU

Couple Hit by Scorpio Car in Vadodara’s Sama Area

Late last night in the Sama area of Vadodara city, a Scorpio car hit a couple, resulting in the death of the wife and leaving the husband critically injured. The husband has been admitted to the ICU of a private hospital. He is unaware of his wife’s death due to his critical condition. The couple’s two children have lost their mother in this tragic accident.

Couple Went for a Walk After Dinner

Vipulbhai Katudia, involved in the construction business, and his wife Shilpaben Katudia, residents of Valmiki Nagar in Sama, Vadodara, went for a walk late at night after dinner. During this time, a Scorpio car speeding down the road struck the couple. The accident resulted in the wife’s immediate death and left the husband seriously injured. The husband has not yet been informed of his wife’s death.

Couple’s Children Orphaned After Mother’s Tragic Death

Shilpaben’s sudden death has left their 15-year-old daughter, Mahi, and 10-year-old son, Priyansh, without their mother’s care. Both children are deeply shocked by their mother’s death, and their father remains hospitalized, adding to their distress.

Scene of the Accident Attracts Onlookers

The Divya Bhaskar team visited the accident site where skid marks from the Scorpio’s sudden braking were visible. Fuel and oil had spilled from the car, and parts of the Scorpio were scattered around. The accident, which occurred late at night, still drew a crowd in the morning. The impact had also broken through the boundary wall of Empire Hospital and toppled an electric pole.

Fatal Accident Captured on CCTV

The tragic accident was captured on CCTV. The footage shows the Scorpio car speeding excessively. After hitting the couple, the driver lost control of the vehicle. The car skidded more than 100 feet, crashing through a boundary wall and an electric pole, finally stopping inside the hospital premises.

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