Junagadh NSUI President Assaulted: Attempted Murder Complaint Filed Against Gondal MLA’s Son

Attempted Abduction and Murder of Gondal MLA’s Son in Junagadh

An incident of abduction and attempted murder, involving Gondal MLA Ganesh Jadeja’s son, has been reported in Junagadh. Following the abduction attempt, the accused took the victims to “Ganeshgadh” in Gondal, where they were allegedly stripped and beaten to death, with a threat to make a viral video. The victims, after being stripped and beaten in Junagadh, were later dropped off by the abductors. The police are conducting further investigations into the allegations made by the victim Sanjay Rajubhai Solanki, the NSUI president of Junagadh.

I was lifted towards Gondal in a car – Sanjay Solanki

Sanjay Rajubhai Solanki, who filed a complaint, stated that, on the night of the 30th, both he and his son were on a motorcycle on Kalaava Chowk when they approached the statue of Kalubha. At that time, a four-wheeler came speeding from behind and reached near me. It hit my motorcycle from the back. When I told the driver to drive properly, these people tried to pick a fight. However, when my son was with me, I told them that I am taking my son home. Then my father recognized Ganesh Jayrajsinh Jadeja among these people. I could not recognize him. However, I can identify him. Then my father calmed them down and these people kept going. After that, I was going from near my house at night. At that time, these people brought their four-wheelers in front of me and hit my motorcycle. The driver and his other people also came out from behind. These people were already prepared to quarrel. But when my son was with me, I told them that I am taking my son home. Then these people came in their motorbike and hit me in the motorcycle. From the car, five people came down and they beat me with an iron pipe and then they started beating me. Behind them, two more cars came. From there, too, people had come down and beaten me and hit me in the motorcycle, due to which I fell down and they lowered me under a culvert with a pipe made of iron. Behind them, too, two cars came. From there, too, people had come down and beaten me and hit me in the motorcycle, due to which I fell down and they took me down under a culvert with a pipe made of iron.

“I Made a Video Apologizing While Naked” – Sanjay Solanki

I was taken to an unfamiliar area and dropped there, where I was stripped down. At that time, Ganesh Jadeja and his people were present, and they were about to beat me and make derogatory comments about my caste. Later, Ganesh put me in his car and took me to Ganeshgadh in Gondal. There, five or six people were present. Ganesh’s men had guns and sticks. These people took me to his office and, as per Ganesh’s instructions, his men stripped me of my clothes. I was beaten mercilessly, and a video of it was taken on his mobile phone. He later asked me to apologize and demanded that I resign from Junagadh NSUI Congress. He threatened me saying if you file a complaint, I will kill you with my own hands. At that time, I begged for forgiveness from these people, so they put me back in a four-wheeler and dropped me off near the junction of Junagadh Bhensan.

“Attack on My Son by the Son of a Gondal MLA” – Rajubhai Solanki

The father of the complainant, Rajubhai Solanki, stated that yesterday at around 3 o’clock, his son was kidnapped from the Datar Road area of Junagadh. Geetaben, daughter of former MLA Jayrajsinh Jadeja, and his son Ganesh, along with some others, kidnapped my son in three four-wheelers. Later, they took him to ‘Ganeshgadh’ and stripped him naked, beating him severely. Afterwards, they threatened to kill me and dropped my son near the Bhensan Junction in Junagadh. We have informed the Junagadh police about this incident and provided them with CCTV footage as well. When asked about the incident, Rajubhai Solanki said, “My son and his friend were passing through Kailava Chowk, at which point these people intercepted them with a four-wheeler. When my son asked them to drive slowly, an argument ensued. About this, we have lodged a complaint against Jayrajsinh’s son and 10 others.”

What is the Police Saying?

Deputy Superintendent Hitesh Dhandhalya has stated that cases have been registered against Ganesh Jadeja and 10 others. They are accused of kidnapping from Junagadh and taking them towards Gondal. The accused are charged with offenses including atrocity, attempted murder, kidnapping, rioting, among others. Teams including the LCB and SOG have been formed to conduct a search operation for the accused.

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