Tragic Turn of Events: Man Passes Away 11 Days After Son’s Wedding, Battling Depression in Silence

Builder Found Dead in Vadodara: Possible Suicide

In an unfortunate incident, a builder’s lifeless body was discovered on the premises of the Red Coral Building on Gotri-Sevasi Road in Vadodara city. The police promptly reached the scene upon receiving the information. After identifying the deceased, the police informed the family members, who rushed to the location. Preliminary reports suggest that the individual had jumped from the 13th floor, leading the police to conclude it as a case of suicide. The family members revealed that he had been struggling with depression for some time.

The deceased, identified as Manish Rajnikant Patel, a 50-year-old builder residing in the Sevasi area of Vadodara, was found dead today at around 7 a.m. He had gone for a morning walk and yoga, a routine he followed daily. After his yoga session, he was discovered dead in the vicinity of the Red Coral Building, an under-construction structure.

The incident is currently under investigation, and the Laxmipura Police have registered a case to delve further into the matter. The family members expressed shock as Patel had recently attended his son’s wedding on January 22.

Builder’s Suicide Before Son’s Wedding in Vadodara

On January 22, a shocking incident occurred in Vadodara, where a 50-year-old builder, Manish Rajnikant Patel, took his own life. The police, responding to the scene, found the body at the construction site of the Red Coral Building on Gotri-Sevasi Road. Initially, the family wasn’t aware of the tragedy, and it was only after the police investigation that Patel was identified. The police informed the family, who rushed to the location.

According to the family, Manish Patel had been dealing with depression for some time. The shocking incident happened just a day before his son’s wedding, scheduled for January 22. One of his sons lives in Canada, while the other resides in Vadodara.

The police discovered that Patel jumped from the 13th floor of the building after his morning yoga session. The Laxmipura Police have initiated an investigation into the matter. The post-mortem is expected to provide further insights into the tragic incident.

Police Initiate Investigation Based on CCTV Footage

The Laxmipura Police in Zone-1 have started investigating the case of the body found in the under-construction building based on CCTV footage. Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Jolly Kothiya informed that upon receiving information about the discovery of a body in the under-construction building, a team from the Laxmipura Police rushed to the scene.

During the police investigation, a pocket was found containing identification with the name Manish Patel, who is a resident of Sevasi. The police immediately contacted Patel’s family, who arrived at the scene. Manish Patel, who had gone out for morning yoga, was found dead in the building.

The police are conducting a more in-depth investigation based on CCTV footage to gather additional information about the incident.

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