24 Carat Gold-infused Indian Dal at Dubai Restaurant: Luxurious Twist in Wooden Box!

Celebrity chef Ranveer Brar’s first restaurant in Dubai, Kasakhan, has gained immense popularity on social media due to a special dish. Dal (lentils) is served in a wooden box, with a twist of 24-carat gold powder mixed in. This golden dal has become viral on social media. Known as “Dal Kasakhan,” this dish is one of the unique culinary offerings at the restaurant and is priced at 58 dirhams (approximately ₹1,300).

Video of ‘Dal Kasakhan’ Shared on Instagram

A video featuring the restaurant’s waiter showcasing the process of mixing the gold powder into the dal has been shared on Instagram. The waiter demonstrates adding the gold powder to the dal, which is prepared with premium spices and clarified butter. This dish is served in a wooden box, and the waiter highlights its special features to the customers.

Ranveer Brar’s Dubai Restaurant Offers Gold-infused Dal

The dal served at Ranveer Brar’s Dubai restaurant is named Kasakhan Dal, infused with 24k gold. It is prepared with premium spices and pure clarified butter, following a special recipe. The serving style of the dal is also unique, presented in a small wooden box. This fusion dish, conceptualized by famous chef Ranveer Brar, showcases a blend of Indian and Dubai culinary influences. The dish represents a fusion of flavors that bridges the gap between Indian and Dubai cuisine. The idea behind creating this dish is to blend Indian flavors with Dubai’s richness.

The Popular Gold-infused Dal from Kasakhan

The price of a bowl of Kasakhan dal is 1300 rupees. People are now adding some humor to their comments about this dish. Some are jokingly asking if it’s possible to reserve this dal for several years by sealing it in a box. Others are intrigued by the idea of consuming gold nuggets. One user even inquired about the nutritional impact and long-term effects on health of consuming edible gold but so far, there haven’t been any updates.

Comments Trending on Social Media

Ranveer Brar, known for his 24-carat gold-infused dal at Dubai Festival City Mall. The caption alongside the viral video has garnered 8.4 million views and has been shared 180,000 times. One user sarcastically asks, “Is this stupidity?” Another user comments, “We don’t need gold for our bodies. A drop of water is worth a thousand times more than gold.” Yet another user questions, “Are you providing certificates with this dal?”

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