Groom Booked Helicopter For 6 Km: Bride and Groom’s Aerial Adventure around Pavagadh

The Muslim community’s leading figure in Halol city witnessed a unique wedding celebration for the son of Samir Kaldar. The royal grandeur was accompanied by a helicopter ride, as the groom and bride, along with their families, arrived in Halol. It was a spectacle to behold as the groom and bride disembarked from the helicopter and took a round in the wedding venue, leaving the attendees in awe. This event sparked discussions about such extravagant wedding ceremonies in the entire Halol community.

Arrival by Helicopter: A New Trend for Weddings

Every couple wishes to make their wedding ceremony unique. In pursuit of creating lasting memories, individuals make special efforts. Samir Kaldar’s son, Arsh Kaldar, marked a distinctive wedding trend by making a grand entrance in a helicopter. The excitement of flying to the wedding venue in a helicopter captivated the attention of the attendees and the people of Halol.

Enthusiastic Crowds and Aerial Displays for Helicopter Arrivals

To add a royal touch to weddings, there is a growing trend of using helicopters to transport the bride and groom. A recent wedding ceremony in Halol witnessed a grand celebration where numerous attendees eagerly awaited the arrival of the bridal couple in helicopters. The splendid entries with helicopters not only amazed the guests but also created a buzz among the local residents who were captivated by the stunning entries.

Helicopter Entry for a Royal Look at the Wedding

In today’s era, individuals strive to make their weddings memorable. From the wedding venue to every detail, couples seek uniqueness. The trend of arriving at the wedding venue in a helicopter is gaining popularity, giving weddings a royal touch. Recently, a wedding ceremony in Panchmahal district, Halol, featured multiple helicopter entries, making it an unforgettable spectacle for the bride, groom, and their families.

Groom’s Arrival in Halol

Arsh Kaldar expressed his excitement about his unique wedding by stating that he and his wife, along with their families, arrived at the wedding venue in a helicopter, accommodating four people. This marked the first time in Halol that a wedding ceremony involved a helicopter entry. Now, whenever a helicopter lands, it will be assigned a different number, starting with the second one, as they have already set a precedent with the first entry.

Taking Helicopter Selfies in Halol Town

Residents along Pava Godhra Road in Halol witnessed the Kaladar family, including Mustufabhai Kaladar, the former municipality chief, and his son Samir Kaladar, arriving at a wedding ceremony in a helicopter. The large crowd gathered not only to witness the family’s arrival but also took selfies with the helicopter in the background, showcasing the enthusiasm and excitement of the locals.

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