Deputy Sarpanch Assaults Appellant with Iron Pipe in Front of Land Survey Officer

In the village of Sarangpur in Ankleshwar, an applicant had filed a complaint about the construction of an unauthorized shopping center on agricultural land. This complaint led to a violent altercation, captured in a viral video, where the deputy sarpanch assaulted the complainant. The deputy sarpanch revealed that the complainant had frequently filed complaints regarding his shopping activities.

Shopping Center Built Illegally in Sarangpur

A shopping center has been established in the village of Sarangpur, located near the town of Ankleshwar in the district of Bharuch. Ratilal Patel, a member of the previous taluka panchayat from the Congress, currently serving as the deputy sarpanch of Sarangpur village, is involved in the construction of this shopping center. The center consists of 11 shops, and Patel had allegedly collected rent from them without proper legal authorization. This incident was brought to the attention of the Taluka Development Officer (TDO) by Akshay Patel, a youth from Sarangpur, who filed a complaint for measurement (maapani).

Assault on the Applicant

During this time, Akshay Patel also became embroiled in a dispute. After a heated exchange at the first table regarding the complainant’s arrival on his land, Akshay Patel allegedly attacked the complainant with a pipe from his shop. The entire incident was recorded on video by a person present there, attempting to intervene. The police subsequently initiated an investigation based on the filed complaint.

Verbal Abuse Towards Deputy Sarpanch’s Wife

Deputy sarpanch Ratilal Patel claimed that the disputed land belonged to his ancestors and his wife, who is also the sarpanch. Although the construction of the shopping center was not illegal, the applicant had filed multiple complaints, prompting frequent measurements by the authorities. On the day of the incident, when Ratilal Patel and his wife confronted the complainant, abusive language was exchanged. When the complainant attempted to physically harm Ratilal Patel, a video recording was made by a bystander, further escalating the situation.

Threats and Violence Escalate

Ratilal Patel alleged that the complainant threatened him with physical harm. In response, he retaliated by threatening the complainant with dire consequences. The situation escalated when Ratilal Patel picked up a pipe from a nearby shop and physically assaulted the complainant. Subsequently, the complainant threatened to harm Ratilal Patel’s family, leading to a tense and violent confrontation. The police were informed of the incident, and investigations are ongoing.

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