2400-Kilo Ram Mandir Bell Worth 25 Lakh, Audible 2 km Away; 108-ft Incense Stick Reaches Ayodhya

Ayodhya, the city of bells, has received a 2400-kilogram bell from Jalesar, located 50 kilometers away. Hundreds of traders had adorned the chariot with flowers to bring the bell to Ayodhya, dedicated to the sacred land of Lord Rama. Along with this bell, 50 more bells, each weighing 50 kilograms, were presented to the trust. Notably, the bell from Jalesar is renowned as the most famous in the world, producing the sound of “Om” when rung. Crafted by 70 artisans in approximately 25 minutes, this bell stands as a symbol of devotion.

A Personal Tribute – Manoj Mittal’s Initiative to Craft the Bell

Manoj Mittal, a businessman, revealed that the inspiration to create this bell came from the memory of his father, Vikas Mittal. On January 8th, a delegation set forth from Etah for Ayodhya to present the initially planned 2100-kilogram bell. Fueled by enthusiasm, the target was surpassed, and the final bell, weighing 2400 kilograms, was prepared in about 25 minutes. The entire project incurred an expenditure of around 25 lakhs. Manoj Mittal expressed the desire for the bell to be installed in Lord Rama’s temple due to its unique sound, audible up to 2 kilometers in a serene environment.

Fulfilling a Pledge – Vikas Mittal’s Resolution to Place a 2100-Kilogram Bell in the Ram Temple

Manoj Mittal conveyed that Vikas Mittal, his father and former president of Jalesar Nagar Palika, had committed to installing a 2100-kilogram bell in the Ram Temple. Although Vikas Mittal is no longer with them today, they are steadfast in fulfilling this commitment on this historic occasion and presenting the 2400-kilogram bell for Ram Temple.

Collaborative Effort – 70 People Craft the Bell in 25 Minutes

Vikas Mittal shared that 70 individuals came together to create the bell in just 25 minutes, and the entire process, from conceptualization to finishing, took around three months. The bell is being presented by Savitri Traders and its owners, Prashant Mittal, Manoj Mittal, and Aditya Mittal. Vikas emphasized that this bell will make Jalesar globally recognized.

Towering Presence – The 6-Foot Tall, 2400-Kilogram Bell

Weighing 2400 kilograms and towering at 6 feet, the bell comes with a price tag exceeding 21 lakhs. Its sound can be heard up to 2 kilometers away. The bell, crafted from eight metals, resonates with the sound of “Om,” creating a significant impact on the global stage. The bell-making industry in Jalesar is now promoted by the Uttar Pradesh government.

From Gujarat to Ayodhya – A 108-Foot Incense Stick Arrives

Gopalak Vihabhai, residing in Vadodara, Gujarat, has crafted 108-foot-long incense sticks to be presented in Ayodhya. These incense sticks, a symbol of devotion, will release fragrance over 1.5 months in the Shri Ram Mandir. Gopalak Vihabhai is set to arrive in Ayodhya with the incense sticks today, contributing to the sacred atmosphere of the temple.

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