High Court Rejects Tathya’s Interim Bail Application, High Court Said – This is a Normal Thing in Today’s Time

On the night of July 19, 2023, tragedy struck when a speeding car driven by Tathya Patel careened into pedestrians on Ahmedabad’s Iskcon Bridge, resulting in the deaths of 9 individuals. This incident not only sparked discussions across Gujarat but also garnered nationwide attention. Tathya Patel is currently held in judicial custody awaiting trial. 

He faces charges under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Motor Vehicles Act, including culpable homicide not amounting to murder (IPC 304), rash driving (IPC 279), and endangering life or personal safety of others (IPC 336). 

Tathya Patel has been in custody for over 7 months now. In a bid for relief, his legal team had filed an application citing health issues and irregular heartbeats. However, the High Court rejected his interim bail plea, affirming the lower court’s decision. This development underscores the gravity of the charges against Tathya Patel and the legal complexities surrounding the case.

File photo of the accident site.

Lawyer Presents Medical Papers in Court for Tathya Patel

Tathya Patel’s legal team presented medical papers in court, highlighting his health issues, including irregular heartbeat and chest discomfort, which he has been experiencing since January of the current year. Earlier, in an attempt to secure relief, Tathya Patel had applied for an interim bail in the trial court, citing these health concerns, but the plea was rejected. 

Subsequently, his legal representatives filed for an interim bail in the Gujarat High Court. According to his lawyer, Tathya Patel is 20 years old and has been experiencing cardiac-related issues. His heartbeats have been erratic, warranting medical attention. In light of these circumstances, the lawyer submitted medical documents before the court, emphasizing the urgency of addressing Tathya Patel’s health concerns amidst the legal proceedings.

Difficulty Breathing and Chest Pain

The defendant’s lawyer disclosed that for the past two and a half years, his client has been experiencing discomfort, particularly in his chest and while breathing. Despite bringing this to the attention of the prison authorities, he had only been provided with paracetamol tablets whenever he complained of chest pain and difficulty breathing. 

He has been feeling particularly distressed on the left side of his chest. Consequently, there is a pressing need for Tathya Patel to receive medical treatment at a private hospital, necessitating an urgent bail application for his healthcare.

UN Mehta Hospital Examination Ordered

The government’s counsel revealed that Tathya’s condition had worsened, necessitating urgent treatment. Despite receiving regular medical attention for his pre-existing condition, it became imperative to provide him with additional treatment. Previously, he had been treated at a private hospital, where he was given medication and granted leave after merely submitting a medical certificate. 

Surprisingly, no such complaint had been filed at the prison hospital. Following the trial court’s directives, it was decided that Tathya would undergo examination at UN Mehta Hospital to ensure proper medical care.

Defendant Reapplies for Bail

The High Court noted that irregular heartbeats are normal for everyone at present. Tathya Patel’s legal team will approach the prison authorities to request his treatment and obtain medical papers. 

The defendant, seeking relief for his medical condition and to procure medical documentation, has decided to withdraw his application for interim bail, as ordered by the High Court.

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