Vehicle Number Plates at Godrej Garden City Lost in Ahmedabad Rain? Reclaim Yours Here!

In the Jagatpur area of the city, a scene was witnessed where vehicle number plates were submerged in water on a footpath in Godrej Garden City. This unusual sight occurred early in the morning as a result of heavy rainfall that occurred the previous night. The incessant rain caused waterlogging in several parts of the eastern and western areas of the city, leading to many vehicles being stuck and numerous number plates getting submerged in water. Concerned residents had to gather and temporarily place the vehicle number plates on the footpath. If you have lost your vehicle number plate, you can retrieve it from here.

Countless Number Plates Stuck Due to Yesterday’s Heavy Rain

After a long time, the lower parts of the eastern and western areas of the city were filled with knee-deep water due to the heavy rainfall. To deal with the continuous downpour, the roads had to be washed. Many areas faced waterlogging, and trees were uprooted. On Sunday, while water flowed over the roads, countless vehicle number plates got stuck. With the flowing water, several number plates were dislodged and could be seen on footpaths. As a result, people living nearby could collect their number plates. On the other hand, vehicle owners are complaining about extortion by autorickshaw drivers for attaching damaged number plates.

RTIs Demanding Hefty Sums for Affixing Unauthorized Number Plates

Due to the waterlogging caused by the rainfall, water was flowing on top of vehicle bumpers. Consequently, many number plates were dislodged. With water still on the roads, number plates could easily be attached to footpaths. This has led to complaints from people demanding hefty sums for attaching unauthorized number plates. On the other hand, vehicle drivers are upset that they are being charged large amounts for affixing their damaged number plates. Yesterday, countless number plates were seen dislodged on the roads.

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