BBG’s Mission is to Empower Two Million Girl Children by the Year 2040 across the Twin States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

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BBG is especially proud of its contribution to changing the lives of nearly 1,50,000 girl children in our twin states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh through its “Bangaruthalli” programs.

Kasturi Usha Head of Bangaru Thallulu addressing students about Bharosa Center on behalf of BBG

BBG is an award-winning plotted land development company and one of the fastest-growing real estate companies. BBG has over one lakh customers and has successfully completed over 225 plotted land development projects in Shadnagar, Sadashivpet, Yadadiri, Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry, Tirupati, and other prominent locations in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Mallikarjuna Reddy is Chairman and Managing Director of the Building Blocks Group. Mr. Reddy, a first-generation entrepreneur, has over two and a half decades of experience in the real estate sector, with a focus on plotted land development.

The Building Blocks Group is an organisation of seasoned individuals with subject competence across essential operations such as acquisition, law, finance, infrastructure, marketing, technology, and service, with combined experience of over ninety years.

Mr. Reddys purpose-led vision has been helpful in the co-creation of a Truly Global Indian Brand with the sole goal of building actual wealth by providing safe and secure land investments to its consumers.

Apart from assisting consumers in creating “True Wealth“, BBG is dedicated to enabling and empowering the “girl child“. Enshrining Mahatma Gandhis vision of women as instruments of social change, BBG is enabling and empowering students in primary schools across our twin states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

A firm believer in Mahatma Gandhi, who believed that businesses should exist as part of a healthy community in order to serve that community, BBG offers its customers an ideal opportunity to make safe and secure long-term savings by owning a piece of land, thus creating true, long-term wealth for their families.

Accountability, integrity, and respect are three key principles that serve as strong BBG pillars.

Treasuring these timeless values, the company implements them in all their operations with associates, employees, or customers equally.

Complete delivery ownership in accordance with the companys commitments stated to their clientele is poised to be the epitome of accountability.

Within an ambiance of elated ethical norms, showcasing unwavering honesty and fairness in each and every decision and action, it emits the real essence of integrity.

Each client and each other in the entire gamut of the companys business is always embraced with dignity and respect.

BBGs chairman, Mr. Mallikarjun Reddy, stated that the organizations mission is to empower girls. 7000+ students in government schools have been encouraged by the “Prerana” program during the month of August.

Also, depending on the importance of the date of the month in which the motivational program takes place, special talks are done with the children. Every day in the month of August has something special. There were many incidents that especially stimulated national feelings.

Following the respective dates, the students of every school visited were given awareness about freedom fighters, movements, national feeling, patriotism, and responsibility towards the country and reminded the great citizens of the country about their responsibilities towards the country.

Along with a motivational program, the importance of sports along with education, particularly for mental and physical health, exercise for physical endurance, the importance of sports for their physical and mental well-being, and the importance of those who excelled in sports at the national and international levels were discussed.

On Telugu language day, BBG coaches Ms. Usha Kasturi & Ms. Neeraja thoroughly explained to the students the importance and necessity of the Telugu language and their mother tongue so that it is easy to learn other languages.

Emphasizing the important role that teachers play in the development of the nation by developing and shaping young minds, teachers were congratulated for their efforts, and we congratulated them on Teachers Day.

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