India’s First C-295 Transport Plane Welcomed from Spain: 16 Ready out of 56

European company Airbus Defence and Space (ADSpace) has handed over the first C-295 tactical military air-lift aircraft to India. Air Chief Marshal V.R. Chaudhari received the aircraft in Seville, Spain.

This transport aircraft is expected to arrive in Delhi on September 15. The Air Chief had traveled to Spain a day before to receive the plane. The aircraft, which is being procured to replace the Avro-748, will serve in various roles in the Indian Air Force.

According to media reports, the C-295 is being manufactured at the Sevilla plant in Spain. Its final entry into the Indian Air Force is expected to be at Hindan Airbase later this month. Another aircraft is slated to arrive in India by May 2024.

As per reports, the first C-295 transport aircraft will be stationed at Agra Airbase. A training center for pilots is also expected to be set up there in the coming years.

In September 2021, India signed a deal worth ₹21,000 crores with ADSpace for 56 aircraft. Among these, 16 planes will come in Ready-to-Fly condition from Spain. The remaining 40 aircraft will be manufactured by Tata Advanced Systems in Vadodara, Gujarat.

This acquisition is a significant step in enhancing India’s military capabilities and modernizing its air transport fleet. The C-295 aircraft will play a crucial role in various military and logistical operations conducted by the Indian Air Force.

Tata Advanced Systems to Begin C-295 Aircraft Production in India from 2024

Tata Advanced Systems Ltd., based in Vadodara, Gujarat, is set to commence the production of C-295 aircraft in India starting in 2024. Currently, the final assembly line for these aircraft is operational, and the first indigenous C-295 aircraft is expected to be ready by 2026. Airbus and Tata have planned to manufacture over 14,000 indigenous components across their Hyderabad and Nagpur plants. The final assembly for these aircraft will be done in Vadodara. The company aims to deliver all 40 aircraft to the Air Force by 2031.

New Opportunity for the Navy and Coast Guard: Acquisition of 15 Aircraft

Apart from the Indian Air Force, the Indian Navy and Coast Guard are also in discussions to acquire 15 to 16 C-295 aircraft. Conversations on this topic are ongoing, and the Navy intends to utilize 10 of these aircraft for maritime surveillance and patrolling near coastal regions. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard is planning to use 6 aircraft for surveillance and rapid response operations.

Why Is India Purchasing C-295 Aircraft?

India is procuring C-295 aircraft to replace the aging Avro aircraft in the Indian Air Force’s inventory. In reality, the Indian Air Force had expressed the need for these aircraft for nearly 60 years. The procurement process began when companies were invited to submit their Request for Proposal (RFP) in May 2013. The Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) approved Tata Group and Airbus’ C-295 aircraft tender in May 2015.

India’s MiG-29 Fighters Participate in International War Games

India’s five MiG-29 fighter planes are participating in the Bright Star exercise, an international war game hosted in Egypt. These planes, along with those of three other nations, are part of a 21-day joint military exercise. Besides the MiG-29s, six transport aircraft and 150 special forces personnel from India are also participating in the event.

eatures of the C-295 Aircraft

The C-295 Aircraft Has Specific Capabilities:

  • It can perform short take-off and landing (STOL). According to the company’s information, this aircraft can take off within just 320 meters. At the same time, it can land in a distance of 670 meters. This means the aircraft will prove helpful in operations in mountainous regions like Ladakh, Kashmir, Assam, and Sikkim.
  • The aircraft can carry a payload of up to 7,050 kilograms. It can accommodate 71 soldiers, 44 paratroopers, 24 stretchers for medical purposes, or 5 cargo pallets at a time.
  • It can fly continuously for 11 hours. The 2-person crew cabin includes touchscreen controls with a smart control system.
  • The C-295MW transport aircraft has a ramp door in the rear section, allowing rapid loading and dropping of soldiers or cargo.
  • The aircraft is powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney PW127 turboprop engines. All these planes will be equipped with indigenous electronic warfare suites.

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