Taking Flight: India’s First Made in India Aircraft in Vadodara by 2026

The C-295 aircraft will be incorporated into the Indian Air Force’s fleet, with 14,000

Indigenous parts manufactured in Hyderabad and Nagpur set to arrive in Vadodara.

DD Vyshnav, a renowned aviation company, has joined forces with Airbus to commence a Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) private factory in Vadodara, Gujarat, to manufacture the C-295 aircraft by 2024. This marks India’s first-ever attempt at such an industry venture. The final assembly line for this cargo aircraft is currently under enthusiastic construction. This factory will also prepare the final assembly for the Made in India C-295 aircraft, scheduled for completion by 2026, and will be handed over to the Indian Air Force. The Airbus and Tata plants in Hyderabad and Nagpur have already produced over 14,000 indigenous components for the final assembly in Vadodara. A total of 40 aircraft are set to be manufactured in Vadodara, with the delivery to the Indian Air Force expected to commence until 2031.

For the first time in the country, a new and cost-effective venture will see the manufacturing of 15 aircraft for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard, and 15 to 16 aircraft for the Border Security Force (BSF) in Vadodara, Gujarat, in collaboration with Airbus and the Coast Guard. The Indian Navy will receive ten aircraft, specially designed for surveillance and patrolling, while the Coast Guard will utilize five aircraft for troop movement and border security. Additionally, the country’s most crucial border security force is preparing to purchase the C-295 aircraft. Furthermore, three other security agencies are interested in procuring aircraft for technical surveillance. Meanwhile, Spain’s Seville has completed the training of 40 Indian pilots and ten engineers. The aircraft’s first flight is set to take place at Agra Airbase. A simulator facility is also being developed in Agra, where ground-breaking has already been conducted.

The first aircraft will be delivered in September this year, and the second in May 2024. The Indian government has signed a deal worth 2.8 billion USD (INR 21,000 crore) with Airbus for 56 C-295 transport aircraft. By 2025, 16 aircraft will be “Ready to Fly” and handed over to the Indian Air Force directly from Spain. The first aircraft will be received by the Air Force in September. Subsequently, delivery of the other aircraft will begin in May 2024, which are currently being manufactured at Seville’s plant in Spain.

Apart from these, 40 aircraft will be produced in India, with 90% of the technology being transferred to India. The complete manufacturing of these aircraft will take place in Vadodara, Gujarat. The industrial eco-system will be developed to facilitate production, assembly lines, and testing of these aircraft. After delivery, their maintenance will also be carried out here. Airbus will establish an overall hub in Vadodara. This facility will cater to the maintenance and repair of these aircraft, not only for India but also for the UAE, the Philippines, and Thailand.

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