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Netflix India Ends Password Sharing | Exclusive Update

Netflix is making changes to its account sharing policy, which has been a common practice for years. Previously, one person paid for the subscription, while multiple others used the account. However, in a recent email to users, Netflix now emphasizes that the account is strictly meant for the account holder and members of their household only.

According to the new directive, if anyone outside the household is using the account, they will be asked to transfer their profile to a new account, which will require a subscription payment, and they must also consider changing their password.

Unsurprisingly, this update has sparked a considerable uproar on social media, with numerous users expressing their disappointment about the change.

In response to the reactions, Netflix has explained through a blog post that this email will be sent to members in India who are sharing their accounts outside their household. They assert that a Netflix account is intended for use within one household, enabling all members to access it from various locations and devices.

Netflix acknowledges the diverse entertainment preferences of its members and highlights its ongoing efforts to invest in a wide variety of films and TV shows to cater to diverse tastes, languages, and viewing scenarios.

Though the abrupt implementation of this policy change may have caught some users off guard, it was not entirely unexpected. There have been prior reports suggesting that Netflix would eventually clamp down on password sharing among its users.


Netflix is ending account sharing outside of households, requiring users to transfer profiles or pay for separate subscriptions. The decision has sparked disappointment among users on social media. However, Netflix emphasizes its commitment to providing diverse content options for its members. The move had been anticipated due to previous reports about ending password sharing.

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