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Telegram Set to Introduce Stories Feature in the Upcoming Month

Stories have become ubiquitous across social media platforms, and Telegram is poised to join the trend with its upcoming release of the Stories feature in early July. This anticipated addition will enable Telegram users to share temporary posts with their contacts. However, Telegram has gone the extra mile by incorporating several unique features into its Stories functionality.

Telegram Stories: Official Release and Feature Confirmation

In an official announcement made by Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram, the highly anticipated arrival of Telegram Stories was confirmed. Durov revealed that the introduction of Stories was a result of overwhelming user demand, as it emerged as one of the most frequently requested features by Telegram’s user base. Surpassing other feature requests, Stories accounted for more than half of the submissions received by the company. Despite initial reservations, the Telegram team recognized the significance of this user-driven demand and has consequently decided to roll out the Stories feature.

In line with industry standards, Telegram Stories will be conveniently located at the top of the Telegram app interface. However, Telegram has taken a unique approach by introducing a compact user interface (UI) that offers users the flexibility to expand and view stories at their discretion. This strategic design choice caters to users who may not be avid consumers of stories, ensuring that the feature does not impose itself on their app experience. Pavel Durov, in support of this approach, emphasized that it strikes a balance between accessibility and conserving valuable screen space.

Customizable Expiry Duration and Permanent Stories on Telegram

Telegram’s forthcoming Stories feature provides users with the flexibility to personalize the lifespan of their posts. Users will have the option to select from multiple expiry durations, including 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours, ensuring that their stories remain accessible for the desired timeframe. Additionally, Telegram introduces a feature akin to Instagram’s Highlights, where users can choose to showcase certain stories permanently on their profile. This functionality enables others to view these permanent stories at any time by visiting the user’s profile, offering an enhanced storytelling experience.

Pavel Durov, in his statement, emphasized the positive impact of saving stories to the Telegram profile page. According to Durov, this feature will enhance the informativeness and vibrancy of Telegram profiles. By saving stories, users can explore a wider range of content from their closest contacts, while also gaining valuable insights about users they connect with in groups or channel comments. This addition to Telegram profiles aims to enrich user experiences, foster greater engagement, and provide a platform for discovering more about fellow Telegram users.

Telegram’s upcoming Stories feature will offer users the option to leverage the dual camera mode, enabling them to simultaneously capture photos and videos using both the front and rear cameras. This innovative functionality adds a dynamic element to storytelling by providing users with more creative possibilities. Additionally, Telegram Stories will include a wide array of editing tools, allowing users to enhance their content with captions, URLs, tags, and various photo and video editing features, thereby adding context and personalization to their stories.

Granular Privacy Settings for Telegram Stories

Telegram’s upcoming Stories feature incorporates robust privacy settings, allowing users to customize who can view their stories. Users will have the option to choose from multiple privacy settings, including “Everyone,” “Only Your Contacts (with exceptions),” “Selected Contacts,” or a designated list of “Close Friends.” Additionally, users will have the ability to hide stories from specific contacts, moving them to the Hidden section, ensuring they are not visible in the main stories area. These privacy settings provide users with fine-grained control over their story visibility and contribute to a more personalized and secure storytelling experience.

Durov’s statement reveals that the launch of Telegram Stories is scheduled for early July. This indicates that users can expect to access and start utilizing this feature in the coming weeks. The specific date of release will mark an important milestone for Telegram as it expands its offerings and enriches the user experience within the platform.

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