Indian Youth Scams Americans: Pretends to Secure Bank Loans in Overnight Call Scheme

A 10th-grade dropout from Juhapura, Sohil Parvez Rashid (27), used to deceive American citizens by offering them loans. He was caught by the police based on the information received.

Sohil Parvez Parvez Sheikh (27), who dropped out of the 10th grade, used to deceive American citizens by offering them loans. He would prepare to take loans by talking on the phone with phrases like ‘Me, I Help You’ and ‘What Can I Do for You’. He would also take money in dollars by showing fake approval letters for bank loans and even take payment through gift vouchers. He used to operate a call center from his own home from midnight to 5 in the morning. Every night, he would talk to about 30 people.

During the police raid, Sohil was found talking to an American citizen. He had a laptop and three phones with him. Upon questioning, Sohil revealed that he used to operate a call center previously, and at that time, he had been contacted by a person named Habib Sheikh. Later, Habib had moved to Delhi and continued operating a call center from there. Habib had provided Sohil with an app that contained data of 150 to 200 American citizens.

There is also suspicion of collusion with Habib.

Habib used to run a call center in Ahmedabad twelve years ago, but now, like Sohil, he operates a call center from home by sending data of American citizens to young people like Sohil. The police team will go to Delhi to investigate who is involved in this business with him and how he obtains data of American citizens and from whom.

He used to receive commissions ranging from 1 to 1.5 lakh per month.

Money in the form of gift vouchers from America was deposited into the account of Habib Sheikh in Delhi. From this money, Habib Sheikh used to pay Sohil through the H.K. Angadia of Bapunagar. Sohil received a commission of Rs. 6 lakh from Habib within four months, and all this money used to come through Angadia from Delhi. – R.M. Chauhan, PI, Vejalpur

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