Duplication Scandal Unveiled in Vadodara: Company Officials to Lodge Complaint on Unauthorized Sale Below GST Rates

Operation by Vadodara Special Operations Group Leads to Arrest of Culprits Involved in Fake Oil Manufacturing

In a significant operation, the Vadodara Special Operations Group (SOG) conducted a raid at a factory in Faliya, situated on Rajmahal Road in the city, and apprehended two individuals involved in the production of counterfeit oil. The mini-factory was producing duplicate oil and selling it under the branding of a reputed company.

The raid, based on actionable intelligence, resulted in the seizure of equipment and materials used in the production of duplicate oil. The arrested individuals are now facing charges related to counterfeiting and fraud.

After the investigation by the authorized agency, it was revealed that the counterfeit oil was being sold in the market, deceiving consumers who believed they were purchasing oil from a trusted brand. The authorized agency is expected to submit the samples for further analysis.

The accused individuals will face legal proceedings, and the investigation will uncover the full extent of their operations and who else may be involved in this illicit activity. This incident underscores the importance of vigilant law enforcement efforts to protect consumers and maintain the integrity of branded products in the market.

Copyright Violation Uncovered in Vadodara: Duplicate Oil Manufacturing Operation Busted

In a recent development, the Crime Branch, led by ACP Harpalsinh Rathod, has revealed the involvement of well-known companies in the production of duplicate oil. ACP Rathod mentioned that the authorized employees of these recognized companies were also contacted regarding this matter. They have confirmed the existence of duplicate oil, and stickers and marks resembling the original products have been discovered.

A copyright violation case has been registered in this context. The authorized officials of the company will be summoned to file a complaint in this regard. The investigation will focus on the individuals involved in selling this counterfeit product and how long this operation has been ongoing.

This incident highlights the need for stringent measures against copyright violations and the importance of safeguarding the intellectual property of companies. The authorities will conduct a thorough inquiry to identify all those who have been involved in selling the counterfeit product and determine the duration of this illicit operation.

Suspects Involved in Counterfeit Goods to be Remanded; Further Investigation Underway

The individuals accused of involvement in the production and sale of counterfeit goods are set to be remanded. It was disclosed that these individuals operated in local stores and sold merchandise without the inclusion of Goods and Services Tax (GST). They allegedly sold items at lower prices, as the goods lacked proper bills, possibly taking advantage of not paying GST.

These suspects were apprehended for the first time and have no prior criminal record. However, investigations will delve into their previous activities in this illicit trade. It is also possible that there may be a syndicate or other individuals involved in these activities. The remand will be followed by a more thorough investigation.

This case underscores the importance of cracking down on the production and sale of counterfeit goods, as well as the need for strict enforcement of tax regulations. Further inquiries will be conducted to ascertain the full extent of their involvement and whether there are any additional individuals or groups connected to these suspects.

Arrests Made in Operation Against Counterfeit Goods

In a late-night operation conducted by the Special Operations Group (SOG), two individuals were swiftly apprehended. Mohsin Yakubbhai Maskwala (age 36) and Yasin Yakubbhai Maskwala (age 32) were taken into custody in a raid at Kumedaan Falia, near Road, close to Akbari Masjid, Rajmahel Road, Vadodara.

The operation resulted in the seizure of a significant quantity of counterfeit goods from a mini-factory located above a godown. The SOG, in collaboration with the City Police Station, collected a substantial amount of evidence, including duplicate sealed bottles of various renowned brands, loose oil amounting to 1,065 liters valued at ₹74,310, a sealing machine weighing 1 kg valued at ₹10,000, empty bottles, stickers of different brands, mobile phones, and other miscellaneous items, totaling a case worth ₹6,19,223.


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