Tragedy Unfolds: Sirpakdan Train from Bilodara Reaches Vadodara, PM Report Reveals 5 Dead from Chemical Exposure, Legal Action Against Nitin Kotwani and Others

Rail Link Connects Bilodara to Vadodara; Tragedy Strikes with Multiple Deaths

In a recent development, the highly anticipated railway connection between Bilodara and Vadodara has been successfully established. Unfortunately, this otherwise celebratory occasion was marred by a tragic incident, where five individuals lost their lives. Notably, four of the deceased were laid to rest without post-mortem, while the fifth victim, Natubhai Sodha, underwent a post-mortem at the Civil Hospital in Nadiad.

The post-mortem report of Natubhai Sodha indicated that the cause of death was related to methanol alcohol poisoning. This revelation prompted the police to initiate a thorough investigation into the incident. On the fourth day following the incident, a joint operation involving three teams from Nadiad and two teams from Vadodara was conducted to apprehend the five suspects.

Neetin Kotevani Chemicals in Vadodara Under Scrutiny After Tragic Deaths

The chemical plant of Neetin Kotevani in Vadodara has come under scrutiny following the tragic deaths of five individuals in Bilodara and Bagdugam. The incident has captured the attention of the entire state. A formal complaint was lodged on Friday, with Yogesh Parumal Sindhi, formerly known as Kishor Sodha (former vice president of the BJP), Ishwar Sodha, Neetin Kotevani (resident of Vadodara), and Bhavesh Sevakani named as accused in the first information report (FIR).

The police are taking stern action against the accused, aiming to prevent further loss of life and address the serious allegations. It’s noteworthy that Neetin Kotevani’s chemical plant has faced legal issues in the past, including cases related to counterfeit sanitizers.

Sections Applied in the Case:
The case involves the application of various sections under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Project 65 (A):

  • Section 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder)
  • Section 308 (attempt to commit culpable homicide)
  • Section 328 (causing hurt by means of poison, etc., with intent to commit an offense)
  • Section 465 (forgery)
  • Section 468 (forgery for purpose of cheating)
  • Section 471 (using as genuine a forged document)
  • Section 274 (adulteration of drugs)
  • Section 275 (sale of adulterated drugs)
  • Section 276 (sale of drug as a different drug or preparation)
  • Section 34 (common intention)
  • Section 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of an offense)

Information Provided by the Accused:

During police interrogation, the three accused who were rounded up earlier provided information that raised suspicions. They revealed that in Bilodara village, suspicious deaths had occurred due to consumption of adulterated liquor. The accused mentioned that they had disposed of the remaining bottles by throwing them into the river, and additional bottles were submerged near the boundary of a godown close to the Baali River.

This information has led to the application of various sections, including those related to the adulteration of drugs, forgery, and common intention. Further investigation will likely reveal more details and potentially lead to the arrest of the remaining accused who are currently absconding.

Remand for Investigation Initiated: District Police Chief

Rajesh Gadhiya, the District Police Chief of Kheda, stated that a comprehensive investigation has been initiated regarding the entire incident. He mentioned that the district police have formed an SIT (Special Investigation Team), and in the past few days, they have filed a complaint against five individuals. Among them, three individuals have been interrogated, and their involvement in the case has been established. The remand process for the three arrested persons is currently underway.

Vadodara Accused Will Come Out of Custody: District Police Chief

Accused Yogesh Sindhi, in a statement to the police, revealed that he obtained information about the arrival of this syrup bottle from Nitin Kotwani and Bhavesh Sevakani in Vadodara. As he is crucial to some aspects of the case, it will be revealed only after the detention of Vadodara individuals, and then the actual truth will come out. Our team is continuously working on tracing these individuals. As of now, five persons have filed a complaint, including three who have been interrogated and rounded up earlier. Investigations are still ongoing, and it is expected that more information will be revealed after the remand process for the three accused from Ismaon.

Investigations Being Conducted in Small Clinics: District Police Chief

The district police are actively conducting investigations by checking private hospitals and small clinics in the district. If any individual shows symptoms related to this syrup and has consumed it, an appeal has been made to immediately inform the district health department or the police. The medical department’s team is also conducting door-to-door checks in villages. Many individuals in the villages have consumed this syrup. However, significant effects are observed in only seven to eight individuals when someone adulterated the syrup. This incident is under thorough investigation, and in the coming days, the entire network will be exposed.

False Labeling on Syrup Bottles: Police Investigation Reveals

During the police investigation, it was found that a false label with the name “Kala Meghas” was affixed to the syrup bottle. The address mentioned, purportedly in Ahmedabad, was revealed to be a non-existent office when the police conducted their investigation. Currently, the police are scrutinizing the origin of these Ayurvedic syrup bottles and are actively working to trace their source.

Effects After Consuming Syrup Investigated in Deaths

Prior to the deaths of five individuals, a similar complaint had been filed regarding the adverse effects experienced after consuming the syrup. The comprehensive investigation brought together all aspects of the case. Before succumbing to their deaths, the deceased individuals reportedly showed visible signs, including distress in the chest and unbearable abdominal pain. Following these symptoms, the affected individuals were rushed to various hospitals for medical attention.

Three Individuals Undergo Treatment Following the Incident

Baldevbhai Sodha and Sankalbhai Mangalbhai Sodha of Bilodara village, who consumed the Ayurvedic syrup, are currently under medical treatment. Both individuals have been mentioned in the police reports, and the authorities have also received statements from them. Meanwhile, Vipul Sodha from Sojali village near Mahemdavad is reportedly admitted to a civil hospital on a ventilator. Vipul Sodha was observed in Mandvi during the night and was subsequently admitted to the hospital after experiencing the effects of the syrup. Presently, this young man is undergoing medical treatment at the civil hospital.

Police Conduct Raids Across the District

Following the comprehensive investigation into the entire incident and subsequent rounding up of three suspects, senior police officials visited the site. After the roundup of three suspects, the police initiated a thorough investigation. On Friday, the police have decided to take further action, and a Special Investigation Team (SIT) comprising one Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) and two Police Inspectors (PIs) has been formed. This team is currently conducting extensive investigations into the entire syrup scandal. Raids were carried out in various locations across the district, with 49 bottles seized from Mahemdavad, 59 from Kathlal, and 73 from Uttarsanda and Valetva combined. The police are intensifying their efforts to uncover the full extent of the syrup-related incidents.

Accused Associated with BJP Removed from Position by the Party

The police swiftly acted against the accused, Kishor Sankalabhai Sodha, a youth from Bilodara village in Nadiad taluka, who was associated with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as the treasurer in the local organization. On Friday, the BJP removed him from his position following the allegations.


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