Underworld Don Aamir Sarfraz Shot Dead in Lahore: Details and Updates

Amir Sarfraz, the don of Lahore, has been assassinated. According to news agency PTI’s report, claims have been made that some people in Lahore shot Amir. Subsequently, he succumbed to his injuries. It is believed that Amir Sarfraz and his associates carried out the killing of Indian national Sarabjit Singh in Lahore jail in 2013, allegedly under the directions of Pakistan’s secret intelligence agency ISI.

In December 2018, a Pakistani court acquitted two suspects due to lack of evidence in Sarabjit’s murder case, including Amir Sarfraz and Mudassar. No one spoke in favor of either of them. In reality, Punjab’s Sarabjit had mistakenly crossed the border into Pakistan in 1990. He was captured by the Pakistani army, who labeled him as an Indian spy.

Recently, amid news of Sarabjit’s death in Pakistan, Pakistan has now leveled accusations of target killings against India. Pakistan has alleged that India is illegally killing its citizens in Pakistan. Pakistan had criticized The Guardian’s reports, stating, “Indian intelligence operatives living abroad are killing many people in Pakistan under the guise of eliminating terrorists.”

Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar stated, “Target killing is not part of India’s foreign policy.” The Ministry of External Affairs released a statement, asserting that the accusations are baseless and part of a propaganda campaign against India.

Sarabjit Singh was a farmer from the village of Bhikhiwind in Punjab. He was accused of being involved in bomb explosions in Lahore and Faisalabad in Pakistan. Sarabjit Singh was sentenced to death for his alleged involvement in bomb blasts in 1991.

After spending 23 years in Pakistani jails, Sarabjit Singh was brutally attacked by fellow inmates in 2013. He succumbed to his injuries at Lahore’s Jinnah Hospital. Media reports suggested that he was beaten to death with bricks by the inmates. Following his death, his body was repatriated to India.

Sarabjit Singh’s case garnered widespread attention and raised concerns about the treatment of prisoners and the issue of mistaken identities in such cases.

In the letter he wrote while in jail, Sarabjit expressed that he felt he was being slowly poisoned. He wrote, “Whenever my pain becomes unbearable, I ask for medicine from the jail authorities. My requests for relief are treated as a joke, and all efforts are made to show me as insane.”

Sarabjit further wrote, “I am kept in solitary confinement, and even the sight of release has become difficult for me to imagine, even for a single day.”

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