The Apollo University’s B.Tech Gears Students for the AI-Disrupted Job Market

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In our world, uncertainty has been a constant companion, yet the dynamism we face today remains unparalleled. Technology has transformed our lives, with robots replacing the human touch in multiple sectors and self-driven cars taking over manual driving.

The Apollo University offers B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Though this has started a wave of transformation that marks the beginning of a new civilisation, a few credible sources beg to differ.

The World Economic Forum believes that while AI replaces jobs, a few skills will likely stay unaffected. “AI is unlikely to be able to replace jobs requiring human skills such as judgement, creativity, physical dexterity and emotional intelligence. The skills most in demand from employers over the next five years will include analytical thinking, empathy and active listening, and leadership and social influence,” the report says.

Hence, moving beyond degrees has become imperative now. In todays rapidly evolving and dynamic global landscape, traditional degrees alone may not adequately prepare individuals for the diverse and ever-changing challenges of the workforce.

Solution Looking beyond what meets the eye – choosing a university that prepares you for a world thats not yet imagined, helps develop critical thinking & communication skills, exposes students to industry connections and the world, and helps build analytical skills and empathy.

Rise with AI with the Apollo University

The Apollo University from the house of Apollo Hospitals Group has its grounding in care and empathy. The group has 70+ Hospitals, 5000+ Pharmacies, 300+ Clinics and has entered into the field of Technical education. The Apollo University aims to prepare next-gen professionals with access to cutting-edge engineering facilities, including collaborative learning spaces, state-of-the-art infrastructure, labs, and much more under its School of Technology. The School offers the following programmes:

B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering

B.Tech. Computer Engineering (Software Engineering)

B.Tech. CSE – Cyber Security

B.Tech. CSE – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

B.Tech. CSE – Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Also, innovation is at the forefront of The Apollo University. Dr. Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson of Apollo Hospitals and Governing Body member of The Apollo University, has pledged Rs. 500 Crores to the Universitys Innovation Centre that will give an impetus to advanced technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Affordable Medicine, and Genetic Mapping, to transform the healthcare industry.

The curriculum at The Apollo University ensures a transformative and holistic learning experience that nurtures students to become well-rounded, forward-thinking, and adaptable individuals. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and relevance, the Universitys curriculum is designed to address the needs of a rapidly evolving world. That said, hands-on learning at the University is as important to stimulate academic inquiry and promote career development, leadership, and intellectual skills. The University has the following facilities:

High-tech labs and workshops

Industry excellence centres

Real-life exposure through the Apollo network

CSR initiatives under professional guidance

The Apollo University also believes that quality education is right for all. Still, at the same time, many deserving candidates fail to pursue the education they deserve because of financial constraints. Keeping this in mind, the University offers up to 100% scholarships to deserving candidates.

The Apollo University is determined to unlock the potential of the next generation of global citizens, leaders, and change-makers and is now accepting admissions.

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