After Ahmedabad Wedding: Jana Reaches Hospital, 45 Couples Vomit Due to Food Poisoning Before Rajpipla

In the vicinity of Nikol, Ahmedabad, a group of wedding attendees experienced food poisoning after consuming contaminated food. Forty-five individuals, including the bride and groom, required immediate medical attention and were admitted to the hospital for urgent care. Jan, one of the attendees, began experiencing severe abdominal discomfort during the late hours of the night. Consequently, he was rushed to the hospital near Nadiad for medical treatment. Additionally, five members of the bride’s family, also affected by the food poisoning, were admitted to Maninagar’s LG Hospital for medical attention.

Food Poisoning Incident Due to Milk-Based Preparations

Himanshu Bhavsar’s wedding took place in Nikol, Ahmedabad. As part of the festivities at a renowned hotel banquet in Nikol, a reception was organized. Among the delicacies served during the reception were juice made from milk and a dessert of carrot halwa, complemented with a welcome drink. Guests, including Jan, enjoyed the dinner together, bidding farewell late into the night.

As Jan departed, he, along with 40 to 45 other attendees, began experiencing symptoms of vomiting near Nadiad. Consequently, they were promptly admitted to the hospital in Nadiad for immediate medical attention. The effects of food poisoning resulted in severe vomiting and discomfort among all affected attendees.

One Hour Later, Vomiting and Discomfort Emerged

One Hour Later, Vomiting and Discomfort Emerged

Shivam Goswami, who was present at the event, stated, “We traveled from Rajpipla to Nikol in Ahmedabad for a family event. Initially, everyone seemed fine after the wedding reception meal, but approximately an hour later, symptoms of vomiting and discomfort began to emerge. Recognizing the signs of food poisoning, we swiftly sought medical attention at the nearest hospital. The condition of all affected individuals deteriorated rapidly, prompting us to seek medical assistance at around 1 a.m.”

Pineapple Milkshake Served as Welcome Drink

Pineapple Milkshake Served as Welcome Drink

It was further disclosed that we traveled from Rajpipla to Nikol in a luxury bus and five four-wheelers. Upon our arrival, we were served a soup as a starter followed by salad, carrot halwa, dal fry with cumin rice, roti, paneer, and a vegetable dish, with buttermilk served last. The welcome drink featured a pineapple milkshake. This sequence of events is as recalled. Jan was seen off at 11 p.m.

Five Members of the Bride's Side Also Affected by Food Poisoning

Five Members of the Bride’s Side Also Affected by Food Poisoning

Additionally, three women and two men from the bride’s side were admitted to LG Hospital in Maninagar for medical care. Dr. Leena Dabhi, the superintendent of LG Hospital, stated that five patients were admitted during the night due to food poisoning. Their health deteriorated as a result of attending a wedding event in Nikol. Currently, the condition of all these patients remains stable.

Bus Carrying 55 Passengers Affected by Food Poisoning

Bus Carrying 55 Passengers Affected by Food Poisoning

Vinubhai, a passenger on the bus, reported that after completing a wedding in Ahmedabad, each bus transporting passengers back experienced cases of vomiting and discomfort among its occupants. Consequently, we arranged for the assistance of 108 emergency services and transported all individuals to the Civil Hospital in Nadiad. It is reported that food poisoning occurred after serving Punjabi food on the bus. There were a total of 55 passengers on the bus, and details regarding the transportation of patients using three ambulances are also provided.

Five people from the girl's party were shifted to the hospital due to food poisoning

All Transported to Hospital via Three 108 Ambulances

Dharmendrabhai Jadav, an employee of 108 emergency services, stated that the bus carrying these passengers was traveling back to Rajpipla. Upon experiencing symptoms of food poisoning, three ambulances were dispatched to transport them to Nadiad Civil Hospital. Medical care for all individuals is currently underway. These individuals had consumed Punjabi dishes, Chinese food, and desserts prior to falling ill.

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