Ontario College Canada: 500 Students Cancel Admissions

500 students are stuck canceling admission in Northern College of Ontario, Canada. Many Indian students were also included in these 500 students. Many students have already reached Canada, while many students have already booked their tickets.

A large number of people are now going to Canada and America after the corona period than before. Nowadays people have a craze to go abroad to earn more and live a better life. But currently many students are stuck as the college of Ontario province of Canada has canceled the admission. This includes about 500 students. In which many Indian students are also involved.

Many of the students whose admissions have been canceled have already reached Canada. Ontario’s Northern College sent an email to students informing them that admissions for the upcoming semester have been cancelled. Due to which there has been a lot of resentment among the students. Because some students had reached there. While many students had already booked the tickets.

Niyati Rao

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