Youth Drives Bike Like a Snake, Collides Head-On with Car in Vadodara; Soars 10 Feet In Air Like Football

Anil Arvindbhai Gandhi (late 36), a resident of Chanchalba Nagar near Manjalpur in Vadodara city, met with an accident while returning from a visit to Lakulesh Mahadev. After paying homage to Lakulesh Mahadev, Anil Gandhi continued his journey on his bike towards Vadodara. While overtaking a car on the Por-Kayavarohan Single Road, he was involved in a collision with another car, leading to the tragic incident.

Video Recorded from One Kilometer Away

Anil’s bike collided with a Baleno car driven by another motorist approximately one kilometer away from the accident spot. The motorist recorded a video of Anil Gandhi’s bike from a distance of about one kilometer. The footage captured Anil attempting to overtake an Alto car, and unfortunately, the bike veered off the road, soaring 10 feet in the air before crashing down. The video was recorded by the car driver using his mobile phone.

Traffic Comes to a Halt on the Road

Anil Gandhi of Vadodara, caught in the accident, was witnessed by onlookers as well as other motorists on the road. Not only Anil’s bike but also the cars passing by stopped on the road, and the entire incident was recorded live by Jagdishbhai Kachhiya, a family member of the deceased who happened to be at the scene. The police, based on their complaint, initiated an investigation and took action against the motorcyclist, Anil Gandhi, for rash driving.

Unintentional Video Recorded in Front of the Deceased

Anil Gandhi’s family, along with other relatives, rushed to the spot, and the police began their preliminary investigation. The body was taken to the post-mortem at the government hospital for further examination. Subsequently, Jagdishbhai Kachhiya, one of the family members, along with other relatives, filed a formal complaint with the police, leading to legal action against Anil Gandhi for causing the accidental fire while riding his bike. The police conducted a thorough investigation into the incident and took legal action accordingly.

Daughters Grieve the Loss of Their Father

Anil Gandhi, involved in the unfortunate accident, left behind two daughters and a son. The family, residing in Fazalpur village near Por-Kayavarohan Road, was known for running a Gent’s tailoring business. Neighbors recalled Anil Gandhi’s cheerful nature and his contributions to the community. The news of his sudden demise spread across Chanchalba Nagar in Chandalba Nagar, leaving the neighborhood in shock.

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