Public Lynching on Charges of Desecration in Punjab: VIDEO – Accused Tied Up, Beaten, and Fatally Stabbed by Mob

On Saturday, in Firozpur, Punjab, locals have allegedly lynched a suspect accused of desecrating Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The incident occurred in the village of Mallanwala Khas. Now, a live video of the tragedy has surfaced, showing several individuals assaulting the suspects.

The video reveals that initially, many people beat the suspect and threw him on the ground. Subsequently, one person wielded a sword and launched an attack on the suspect, resulting in his death. Upon learning of the incident, senior police officials rushed to the scene. The atmosphere in the entire region is tense following this incident.

A man mercilessly hits the fallen accused with a sword

Religious Sikh Alleged Suspect

According to police sources, on Saturday afternoon, around 3 o’clock, news spread among the people that a youth had behaved indecently in the village Gurudwara Sahib. The suspect allegedly tore pages of the holy scripture, Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Subsequently, a crowd gathered at the scene.

Initially, the suspect was apprehended and handed over to the police. However, he was severely beaten thereafter. When the police reached the scene, the situation became chaotic, and the crowd turned violent against the suspects. People initially kicked and punched the suspect. Later, he was stripped with a sword.

The deceased youth has been identified as Bakshish Singh, a resident of Tallewal village. It is reported that he was a religious Sikh. Currently, the police are investigating the entire matter.

Police reached the spot to take action and people made a video.

Crowd Disperses After Lynching

According to initial police investigations, it has been revealed that the youth entered the Gurudwara premises and behaved inappropriately. Upon witnessing this, the devotees captured him and took him outside, where everyone accused him of committing sacrilege. Subsequently, a crowd gathered, and the suspect was tied up. The entire incident was reported to the police.

As per the statement of Deputy Superintendent of Police Balbir Singh from Firozpur Police, a holy incident occurred at Baba Deep Singh Ji’s Gurudwara near the Arif Police Station. Upon receiving information, the police immediately rushed to the scene. 

Upon arrival, it was discovered that people had captured the suspect of sacrilege, and they were attacking him. As a result, he was injured. Later, a case was registered against the suspect, and he was taken to the hospital. Subsequently, CCTV footage was confiscated for investigation.

After killing the accused youth, the assailant waved the sword.

Plea for Legal Action if Guilty

The family members of the deceased are demanding action against the assailants if they had committed the crime. It has been disclosed by the relatives of the deceased that Bakshish, the only brother of two sisters, was mentally ill. 

He worked hard despite his condition. They stated that if he had committed a crime, he should have been punished according to the law. Following the youth’s death, the family members express anger and demand legal action against the accused.

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