Foreign Delegation from Gambia Meets with Gujarat University Amid Student’s UN Appeal: Violence Leads to Stranded Students

Gujarat University has reached out to a delegation from Gambia to discuss the recent incidents of violence against foreign students in the university’s hostels. The Consul General of Afghanistan, Zakia Wardak, may also attend the meeting. 

According to sources close to the students, it has been revealed to Source that on the second day of creation, that is, on Sunday, representatives of students from all countries had requested a video conference with the United Nations. 

According to sources, foreign students have applied to the United Nations to intervene in this matter. Delegations of diplomats from abroad, state CMs, and senior police officers can meet the DIG and the commissioner of Ahmedabad to request an audience.

High Commission Currently Holding Meeting with Vice Chancellor

The ongoing incidents of violence and unrest involving foreign students at Gujarat University have caught the attention of international authorities. Just two days after their formation, high commissions from various countries are now arriving at Gujarat University to take note of the situation. 

Today, the High Commission of Gambia has reached Gujarat University. After meeting with students from their country, the high commission is currently in a discussion with the Vice Chancellor.

The high commission is currently meeting with the chancellor

Meeting with Students from Gambia Held in Hostel

More than 70 students from various countries reside in the hostel. Among them, 26 students from Gambia are pursuing their studies at Gujarat University. Following the recent incidents of violence involving foreign students, other countries have taken note of the matter. 

Today, a team from the High Commission of Gambia has arrived in Ahmedabad to assess the situation. The commission is meeting with students from their country in the hostel to understand their situation.

Consul General of Afghanistan to Visit Ahmedabad

In the wake of recent developments, the Consul General of Afghanistan will also be arriving in Ahmedabad. Upon meeting with the students, the High Commission of Gujarat University will proceed to meet with the Vice Chancellor. 

Discussions during this meeting will primarily revolve around student safety. Currently, a team of four members and the Vice Chancellor are engaged in discussions. Following this, starting from Wednesday through Friday, the Consul General of Afghanistan will also visit Ahmedabad and meet with the students.

Violence Erupts at Gujarat University Hostel

On the night of March 16th, a horrifying incident unfolded at Gujarat University, where Afghan and other students were brutally attacked by a mob wearing saffron scarves. A hostel premises was invaded, and foreign students were subjected to physical assault. 

Not only were the students beaten, but they also faced vandalism inside the hostel premises. The entire incident was captured on video. Following this, Ahmedabad Police Commissioner G.S. Malik, MLA Kaushik Jain, and Vice Chancellor Neerja Gupta visited the SVP Hospital to meet the injured students.

Chronology of Events on March 16th and 17th at Gujarat University Hostel

March 16th Incident Timeline:

10:30 PM: A group of 20-25 individuals stormed Block A of the hostel.

10:51 PM: Message received at the police control room.

10:56 PM: Police Control Room (PCR) team arrived at the scene.

11:26 PM: Gujarat University PI (Police Inspector) reached the location.

March 17th Morning Incident Timeline:

5:30 AM: Tweeted by Asaduddin Owaisi.

9:30 AM: Home Minister convened a meeting at 10 AM.

9:57 AM: R.B. Brahmabhat, IB Head, arrived at Circuit House.

9:58 AM: DGP and Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi arrived at the Circuit House.

10:00 AM: Police Commissioner G.S. Malik and Crime Branch JCP Neeraj Badgujar reached the Circuit House.

10:25 AM: Zone 1 DCP and Crime Branch team arrived at the scene.

10:30 AM: Cyber Crime DCP Ajit Rajian reached the Circuit House.

11:00 AM: Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi chaired the meeting.

11:20 AM: Police Commissioner G.S. Malik, Crime Branch JCP Neeraj Badgujar, Cyber Crime DCP Ajit Rajian, and Gujarat University Vice Chancellor Neerja Gupta met at the scene.

11:22 AM: Room number 23 was inspected by police officers.

11:25 AM: Police Commissioner and Zone 1 DCP gathered information from the Gujarat University Vice Chancellor regarding the hostel incident.

11:32 AM: Inquiry about security guards conducted by the Police Commissioner.

Police Conducts Investigation with 9 Teams

In a conversation with the media, Police Commissioner G.S. Malik revealed that on the night of March 16th, a call was received at the police control room at 10:51 PM, followed by the police arriving at the scene by 10:56 PM. 

Around 20 to 25 individuals entered Block A of the university hostel. Since it was the month of Ramadan, some students were reportedly performing prayers, and an altercation ensued when some individuals insisted that prayers should be conducted in the mosque rather than the room. 

This led to verbal and physical altercations, including vandalism in the room. Gujarat University Police has filed charges against 20 to 25 individuals. Separate teams have been formed by the DCP and Crime Branch for investigation. 

One suspect has been identified from the group involved in the incident. Detailed information will be provided by the police by evening. Stringent action will be taken in this matter, and new teams are actively conducting searches for the suspects. More details regarding the entire incident will be disclosed by evening.

Dispute Not Limited to Prayer, but Cultural Misunderstanding: Gujarat University Chancellor

Gujarat University Chancellor Neerja Gupta stated that the incident in the hostel involved students praying, with some young men arriving from outside, leading to clashes between groups. Foreign students were also attacked. We have immediately registered a complaint in this matter. 

However, the dispute was not solely about prayers; it was a long-standing issue among different groups. This investigation will focus on whether foreign students should be allowed to pray in the hostel or not, which reflects cultural orientation and enhances security measures accordingly. The police have access to all the videos related to this incident. This entire police investigation is the subject of concern.

Police Commissioner Calls for Stringent Action: Kaushik Jain

Kaushik Jain, Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Daryapur, also visited the Gujarat University hostel. He mentioned in a media conversation that those involved in such acts will face strict action. The Police Commissioner held a meeting at this location, where he instructed to take strict action against the perpetrators.

Police Commissioner Inquires about Security Measures:

Currently, Police Commissioner G.S. Malik, Crime Branch JCP Niraj Badgujar, Cyber Crime DCP Ajit Rajiyan, along with other senior police officials, have visited the incident site. Along with them, Room No. 23 is also being inspected by police officers. 

The Police Commissioner and the In-charge DCP have obtained information about the hostel from Gujarat University’s chancellor. The Police Commissioner has also inquired about the security guards.

Meeting with Senior Officials including Harsh Sanghavi:

In connection with this incident, Harsh Sanghavi convened a meeting at Shahibaug Circuit House, attended by top officials including IB’s head R.B. Brahmabhat, the state’s DGP, Ahmedabad city Police Commissioner G.S. Malik, Crime JCP Niraj Badgujar, and Cyber Crime DCP Ajit Rajiyan. 

After the meeting, Harsh Sanghavi, along with other officials, visited the incident site. Additionally, the entire hostel is being inspected by the Crime Branch and the In-charge DCP of Zone 1.

Controversy Over Students Praying in Hostel

Last night, an incident of assault on foreign students occurred in Block A of Gujarat University’s hostel. The controversy arose while students were performing prayers in the hostel. Amidst this, details have emerged about the altercation that ensued. 

Unidentified individuals barged into the hostel premises, where some individuals from the group resorted to stone-pelting, while others engaged in vandalism within the hostel rooms. Additionally, vehicles parked by students in the hostel parking area were also vandalized by the unruly crowd.

Distressed Students Attended to; Police Investigation Underway

In this incident, three students who were injured were admitted to SVP Hospital for treatment. Upon receiving the news, the police promptly arrived at the scene. The police have registered the entire incident and are conducting a thorough investigation. 

At the time of the incident, students from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, and Africa were present in the hostel. In response to this matter, Harsh Sanghvi has called for a meeting at Shahibaug Circuit House. Orders for investigation have been issued to the DGP and the Police Commissioner as well.

Incident of Disruption: Seeking Safety

Mohammad Waris, a student from Afghanistan, expressed concern that he and his fellow students were harassed while performing prayers in the hostel campus due to Ramadan. Some individuals approached them and questioned how they were praying and who gave them permission. 

Subsequently, while they continued their prayers, a group of around 200 people arrived, chanting slogans and starting to throw stones as they chanted “Jai Shri Ram.” This led to disruptions during their prayers, and they were forced to stop. 

The group even resorted to violence, damaging our laptops, vehicles, and air conditioners. As foreign students, we feel helpless in such situations and appeal to our university for a safe environment where we can practice our beliefs without fear.

Rampage Outside Hostel: Nomad’s Testimony

Noman, another student, recounted how he was outside the hostel last night when he received a call on his phone informing him about a clash inside the hostel. Rushing back immediately, he found chaos in every room. 

The entire hostel, with around 200 people, was in uproar, with stones being hurled and violence rampant. He suffered significant losses in his belongings. Despite praying peacefully for five years, yesterday marked the first instance of conflict for him.

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