US Education Costs Soar: 30% Fee Increase Impacts 300K Indian Students

Indian students’ ‘dream’ of an American degree has become more expensive. Colleges and universities in the United States have announced a 30% increase in fees starting from April for the new academic session. California and Stanford University have significantly raised fees. This fee hike is expected to impact over 300,000 Indian students studying in all 50 states of the U.S., making it the largest increase in recent times.

Surge in Indian Students in the U.S. Faces Financial Challenges

In the U.S., Indian students form the largest group among international students. Approximately 100,000 new Indian students apply to various colleges and universities here each year. With an estimated increase in fees, each Indian student is likely to bear an additional financial burden ranging from INR 500,000 to 1 million. Indian students, already facing various challenges and pressures, now find themselves grappling with this significant fee increase.

Faculty Salaries Raised, Burden Shifted to Students

The University of California, the largest public university in the U.S., states that teaching staff salaries have been increased from INR 972 to INR 1215 per hour by President Biden. However, this increase in wages has not been accompanied by a corresponding increase in government funding. Now, the financial burden has been shifted to international students, including those from India, who are already dealing with various hardships and pressures.

Only 2% Students to Receive Scholarships

Colleges and universities have also announced an increase in scholarships along with the fee hike. Stanford University, for example, has increased fees by up to 30%, but scholarships have only been raised by 5%. Out of nearly 300,000 students coming from India, approximately 6,000 will receive scholarships. This move further exacerbates the challenges faced by Indian students pursuing education in the U.S.

Challenges Await Indian Talent in the U.S.: Faculty Association

The Faculty Association of the University of California predicts that the increase in fees will lead to a decline in the performance of Indian talent. Approximately 70% of Indian students in the U.S. are engaged in research or work in American companies. The rise in fees will likely hinder their academic and professional progress in the U.S.

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