Tragic Accident on Bhavnagar-Ahmedabad Highway Claims Lives of 3, Including Father and Son

An unfortunate incident of an accident has occurred on the Bhavnagar-Ahmedabad highway. A speeding vehicle near Sanes village collided with seven passengers, resulting in three fatalities, while four have sustained injuries. The injured have been rushed to the hospital for treatment. The group of 40 passengers was traveling from Varasola village in Kheda district of Mahemdavad taluka to the Khodiyar Temple in Rajpara, Bhavnagar.

The Bhavnagar-Ahmedabad highway echoed with the screams of death. Near Sanes village in Bhavnagar, a speeding vehicle collided with a group of passengers, resulting in the tragic demise of three passengers and injuries to four others. The driver of the unidentified vehicle fled the scene after the accident. The injured passengers have been rushed to Bhavnagar Civil Hospital by emergency services (108). Among the victims of this incident are a father-son duo and another passenger.

The truck driver ran over pedestrians. Jignesh Gathvi, a passenger, stated that the group had been walking to Rajpara Khodiyar Temple from Varasol in Mahemdavad taluka for the past 6 days. Today, after 6 days of walking, they were overtaken by a truck, which hit 7 to 8 members of their group. There were 40 members in their group.

Names of the deceased:

  1. Vijay Dhirubhai Gadvi, Age 28, Residing in Varasol, Mahemdavad, Kheda
  2. Dhirubhai Gadvi, Age 50, Residing in Varasol, Mahemdavad, Kheda
  3. Pradipbhai Pemabhai Chauhan, Age 30, Residing in Varasol, Mahemdavad, Kheda

Names of the injured:

  1. Babubhai Dabhi, Age 40, Residing in Varasol, Mahemdavad, Kheda
  2. Bakabhai Patel, Age 60, Residing in Varasol, Mahemdavad, Kheda
  3. Gulabbhai Rathod, Age 30, Residing in Varasol, Mahemdavad, Kheda
  4. Unidentified person

An accident occurred between a car and a truck on the Pipali-Vataman highway. Another accident involving a fatal collision between vehicles occurred near the Bhavnagar Sunes village. Today, on the Pipali-Vataman highway near Bholaadi Patiya, debris from a vehicle involved in a fatal accident between a car and a truck was scattered. In this accident, three fatalities have been reported at the scene, while seven individuals have been injured, with two of them in critical condition. The injured were rushed to the Dhandhuka RMS Hospital in ambulances from Pipali, Vataman, Fedara, and Dhandhuka.

The state has declared this week as a period of mourning. It is noteworthy that two days ago, two accidents occurred on the Jamnagar-Jodiya and Bhuj-Bhachau highways, resulting in a total of 8 fatalities.

In Jamnagar, a car collided with a truck, resulting in 4 fatalities. Four brothers belonging to different areas of Jamnagar were returning home on Friday evening along the Balachadi coast. Suddenly, their car was hit hard from the side by an approaching truck. Three young men died at the scene of the accident, while Rahul Limbda, who was critically injured, succumbed to his injuries during treatment. All the occupants of the car, comprising young individuals, tragically lost their lives. The collision between the two vehicles was so severe that the car was wedged under the truck, and it required extensive efforts to extricate the deceased and injured. This tragedy has plunged the Kolhi family into deep mourning once again.

Another accident occurred on the Bhuj-Bhachau highway on Friday, where a car collided with a dog, resulting in 4 fatalities. Two brothers were among the three individuals who lost their lives at the scene of the accident, while the eight injured were rushed to the hospital for treatment. During the treatment process, one of the injured individuals succumbed to their injuries, bringing the death toll to four.

Early in the morning at around 6 o’clock, a family from Madhapar, returning from a pilgrimage to the famous temple of Somnath, was nearing Padhdhari when their jeep encountered an accident near the Biketi company. As they attempted to save a dog crossing the road, their jeep collided head-on with the parapet wall of the bridge, causing a loud crash.

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