Tragic Rajkot Accident: 4 Lives Lost as Truck Collides with Cars, Shocking Aftermath Unfolds

In another tragic incident on the Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway, a horrifying accident occurred near the Maliasan village close to the Overbridge, resulting in an unexpected collision between two cars and a truck. The driver of a truck from Maharashtra, headed towards Rajkot, suddenly applied brakes, causing two cars behind it to crash into each other. Subsequently, a dumper, approaching from the rear, collided with both cars, leading to a fatal accident involving three individuals. Simultaneously, another young man succumbed to injuries during emergency treatment at Rajkot Hospital.

Rajkot Tragedy Claims Lives of Locals and Visitors

The garage manager of Rajkot, along with his friend and friend’s son, lost their lives in an unfortunate incident near Nehrugarh. They were among the individuals who went to pay their respects at the accident site.

Triple Fatality at Hospital During Treatment

A tragic incident unfolded at Rajkot Hospital as Hirenbhai Vasharambhai Sagpariya, a resident of Manharplot-14, Rajkot, along with his friend, met with an accident. Both succumbed to their injuries while undergoing treatment at the hospital. Another individual from Surendranagar, Hemendrasingh Jadeja, was also pronounced dead at the same hospital.

2-Kilometer Traffic Jam Follows Accident

The accident led to a massive traffic jam extending up to 2 kilometers on both sides of the accident site. The police, including PSI J.K. Pandavadar and staff from Kuwadva police station, reached the spot to manage the situation. With the assistance of the traffic police, the road was cleared to restore traffic flow.

Fire Brigade Assistance in Extracting Trapped Vehicles

Rajkot Fire Brigade was summoned to assist in extricating a car trapped beneath a truck in the accident. The fire department team, using machinery, successfully removed the trapped vehicle. Meanwhile, the locals and passing motorists extended a helping hand in moving the bodies of the deceased from the accident scene.

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