Fatal Vadodara Pickup Truck Collision: Driver Killed, Cleaner Seriously Injured

Late at night near Kapurai Chokdi, on the national highway extending from the city outskirts, a collision occurred between a pickup van and a truck. In this unfortunate incident, the driver of the van got trapped in the cabin, and the Fire Brigade’s rescue team used a hydraulic cutter to extricate the cabin after a challenging operation. The deceased driver, found in the wreckage, was rushed to Sayaji Hospital by the dedicated rescue team for further examination.

Attempted Overtake Ends in Tragic Accident

According to available information, Rakesh Laludas Bairagi (age 19), a resident of Madhya Pradesh known for his daredevil driving, was traveling towards Ahmedabad from Surat in a plastic-filled pickup van. Attempting to overtake a truck on the four-lane road near Kapurai Chokdi, the pickup van collided with the truck, but after the truck driver gave way, the pickup van swerved uncontrollably and collided again from behind.

Dumping of Cabin Waste – Police and Fire Brigade Shocked

The police immediately rushed to the scene to investigate, but upon inspecting the site, they were astonished to find waste dumped from the cabin of the pickup van. The lifeless body of the driver, entangled in the cabin, made it difficult for the police to retrieve the body from inside. The deceased driver’s body was removed from the cabin, but the police faced challenges due to the nature of the incident.

Body Retrieved Outside the Cabin

While the police were conducting their initial inquiry, they promptly called the Gajrawadi Fire Brigade for assistance. A team, including Sunil Pawar, Subhashchandra, driver Vipul Solanki, and Jaydeep Thakarda, used hydraulic cutters to open the cabin and retrieve the driver’s lifeless body outside. The injured cleaner was immediately transported to Sajaji Hospital in the 108 ambulance for further medical attention.

Traffic Jam on the Elevated Highway

This incident, which occurred around midnight, caused a significant traffic disruption on the Surat-Ahmedabad highway overpass. The police, before managing the traffic, diverted vehicles to the service lane. It was only after regulating the traffic that the police allowed the vehicles to move, preventing a prolonged traffic jam.

Family Rushes to the Scene

Around midnight, the family members of the deceased and the injured cleaner were informed about the incident. The Vadodara police reached out to the family using the number on the pickup van’s registration, and they promptly arrived at the accident site. The family, in collaboration with the Vadodara police, is actively participating in the investigation concerning the unexpected dumping of waste and the tragic accident.

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