Turkish MP Collapses with Heart Attack During Speech; UN Ceasefire Resolution Passes with India’s Support

Heart Attack Strikes Parliamentarian During Address

According to Indian time, Modi addressed the Turkish Parliament on Tuesday night, during which he suffered a heart attack. The video of this incident is now available.

Heart Attack Hits Speaking Parliamentarian

According to BBC, 53-year-old Hasan Bitmez, a Turkish MP, spoke on the Israel-Hamas conflict in Parliament. He stated that Israel would not be spared from God’s anger and fury. He collapsed on the ground during his speech and was taken to the hospital immediately. Currently, his condition is stable. Meanwhile, in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Tuesday night, a proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza was passed. India voted in favor.

Warning to Israel from Biden

US President Joe Biden has issued a warning to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Biden stated that Israel is losing global support due to continuous attacks in Gaza. He urged Israel to change its course in the ongoing conflict. Netanyahu has acknowledged differences with the US on some issues.

Israel Won’t Repeat Mistake

“Heyom Post” reports that Netanyahu released a video statement on Tuesday night, stating that they will not repeat the mistake of the Oslo Accords signed in 1990. Netanyahu expressed gratitude for American support on various issues and emphasized the need to consider ground operations to end the conflict.

US Defense Chief to Visit Israel

Amidst differences between the US and Israel, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is expected to visit Israel soon. This visit gains significance as the US is pressuring Israel to ease its tough stance on the Gaza issue. Austin will focus on ensuring Israel’s security and finding a path to peace for the civilians in Gaza.

World Bank to Aid Gaza

The World Bank announced on Tuesday that it will provide urgent aid of $20 million to Gaza. However, the specifics of who will receive the assistance and in what form are yet to be determined. Red Cross and other organizations have mentioned that the situation in Gaza does not allow direct aid to reach civilians easily.

Protest for Prisoners’ Release

There has been another demonstration in Israel for the release of prisoners by Hamas. People gathered outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, holding banners and demanding the release of 138 prisoners currently held by Hamas. The situation and status of these prisoners remain unclear. The protesters insist on bringing their plight to the forefront for possible negotiations.

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