Musk’s Dancing Robot: Tesla Reveals ‘Optimus Gen 2’, 30% Faster and More Advanced

Tesla has revealed the next generation of its humanoid robot, named ‘Optimus Gen 2.’ This upgraded model can operate 30% faster and maintain better balance, with a weight reduction of 10 kilograms. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, shared a video featuring the robot.

Advanced Features of Optimus Gen 2

Optimus Gen 2 boasts advanced features, allowing it to function without assistance since its launch in September 2022. Standing at 5.8 feet tall and weighing approximately 50 kilograms, the robot is designed to perform various human tasks, from working on factory production lines to purchasing groceries in supermarkets. Tesla has not disclosed Optimus’s pricing details yet.

Improved Balance and Squats in the Latest Robot Version

In a video shared on Elon Musk’s social media platform, X, the robot demonstrates its ability to balance and perform squats. This version of the robot can move 30% faster than its predecessor, showcasing a delicate and robust understanding of manipulating fragile objects and strong materials alike.

Human-like Dancing and Yoga Moves by the Robot

The new version of Optimus can replicate human dance moves and even perform yoga. Its ability to quickly adapt to various tasks is evident in its video, where it lifts and relocates objects with ease. The robot comprehends how to handle delicate and robust items, showcasing its agility and strength.

Tesla’s Plan to Use Robots in Its Factory Operations

Tesla plans to integrate robots into its production processes in the near future. Elon Musk claimed that Optimus could have a range of 10 to 20 billion units, as per previous updates. The company envisions utilizing robots like Optimus in its factories, with plans to commence sales soon.

Robot Yoga and AI-powered Tesla Car Software Integration

Optimus uses artificial intelligence (AI) software and sensors, similar to Tesla’s advanced driver-assist system, ‘Autopilot.’ This robot operates on a Tesla chip, equipped with a 2.3 kWh battery pack, enabling it to work seamlessly throughout the day. It also supports Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity.

Robot’s Ability to Perform Yoga and Tesla’s Ambitious Recruitment Drive

Elon Musk announced on Tesla’s AI Day that the robot could achieve the capability to perform yoga within 25 days. This robot has a rapid learning curve, demonstrating proficiency in various tasks.

Tesla’s Vision: Robot Reaching Mass Production in Three to Five Years

On Tesla AI Day, Musk stated that Tesla aims to have the robot reach mass production within three to five years. Tesla is actively recruiting for the development of Optimus, with over 50 robotics-related positions listed on its website.

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