Son of Female Sarpanch Creates Chaos with Wooden Sticks, CCTV Captures Public Assault in Vadodara

In Sadhali village of Shinor taluka in Vadodara district, a heated argument broke out between the husband of a female member of the village panchayat and the husband of another female member who was riding a motorcycle every day. In this incident, the husband of the aggrieved female member, who suffered serious injuries, is receiving treatment at the hospital. The incident was captured on CCTV cameras installed on the public road in Sadhali. The Shinor police took action regarding this incident.

Water Dispute Leads to Confrontation

According to available information, the sarpanch of Sadhali village panchayat is Manishaben Jayeshbhai Patel. Two months ago, women members of the village, including Asamabanu Sarfaraj Naku, had requested the sarpanch to install a water pipeline in Naku’s area. Naku, along with her husband Sarfaraj Naku, and other people from Falia, had gone to the sarpanch, Manishaben Patel, to raise the issue. They pointed out that while there is a water pipeline in other areas, only one water line is installed in Falia. The people living in Falia are facing water problems. This request and raised questions led to heated arguments and confrontations.

Two months prior, a heated argument had erupted over the construction of a garden made by the son of Mahila Sarpanch Manishaben Patel, Jaemin Patel. Amidst the dispute, the husband of a dissenting female member, Sarfaraz Nakum, was intent on teaching him a lesson. Sarfaraz Nakum, who ran a garage in the adjacent village, had gone home on Tuesday to open his fast on his bike. In the meantime, Jaemin Jayesh Patel, the son of the standing Sarpanch, had stealthily approached with a stick in hand. He struck Sarfaraz, who lost his balance due to the blow from the stick.

Tensions Escalate

After Sarfaraj Naku fell off his bike, Jaimin Patel rained sticks on him. The commotion attracted local people, who rushed to the scene and stopped Jaimin Patel from beating Sarfaraj. On the other hand, Sarfaraj Naku, who suffered serious injuries, was taken to the hospital by people who wished him well. As a result of this incident, tensions escalated at the site, and there was a commotion.

Wanted for Assault

The Shinor police rushed to the scene of the incident. Police started investigating along with obtaining CCTV footage from the area. It was found that Jaimin Jayesh Patel, son of the sarpanch, who had assaulted Sarfaraj Naku, husband of Asamabanu, was absconding. Police have declared him wanted and are conducting a manhunt. This incident caused chaos not only in Sadhali village but also in Shinor taluka as a whole.

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