Sanatana Dharma Sadhu Saints’ Decision: Abstaining from Swaminarayan Temples

Today, a significant assembly of revered Saints from the Sanatan Dharma tradition convened at Lambe Narayan Ashram, situated on the Sanand Highway in Ahmedabad. The primary purpose of this gathering was to address the ongoing controversy surrounding the Bheet paintings at the Salangpur temple. The meeting witnessed the presence of a substantial number of monks and saints from various parts of the state.

The issue that stirred emotions and sentiments among the monks and saints pertained to the perceived disrespect towards Lord Hanuman. This sentiment of indignation has permeated the spiritual community, prompting a united response from sadhus, saints, and Hindu organizations alike. In this moment of collective concern, they have collaborated to formulate a comprehensive strategy.

During today’s gathering of revered Sadhus and Saints within the Sanatan Dharma tradition, several crucial matters were deliberated upon, leading to significant decisions being made. One of the most noteworthy decisions reached during the meeting involves a resolution not to attend Swaminarayan temples and to refrain from sharing the stage with Swaminarayan Saints. This decisive stance signifies a form of dissociation between the Sanatana Saints and the Swaminarayan sect.

Major Decision: Dr. Jyotirnath Maharaj Announces Removal of Nautam Swamy from All Posts

Dr. Jyotirnath Maharaj, a prominent spiritual leader, made a significant announcement today following a gathering of saints and monks. The occasion was the national executive meeting of the Akhil Bharatiya Sant Samiti, held in Lucknow. During this meeting, a momentous decision was reached as Nautam Swamy was removed from all posts within the Akhil Bharatiya Sant Samiti.

The decision to remove Nautam Swamy from his positions signifies a critical development within the organization. It reflects the collective will of the saints and monks who convened during the meeting. This decision holds great significance within the spiritual community and underscores the commitment to uphold the values and integrity of the Akhil Bharatiya Sant Samiti.

A total of 13 resolutions were ratified today during the assembly convened at Lambenarayan Ashram in Sanand. This Sant Sammelan, presided over by Jyotirnath Bapu, saw the adoption of these 13 resolutions. These resolutions were enacted in response to perceived instances where the Swaminarayan sect within Sanatan Dharma has purportedly shown disrespect towards Hindu deities through various means, including literature.

The following are the 13 resolutions that were passed during the assembly held at Lambenarayan Ashram in Sanand:

  1. A call for the government to address and provide directives to the Swaminarayan Sampradaya to ensure the respect and dignity of Hindu deities, especially Hanuman Dada and the deities of Sanatan Dharma, in order to soothe the sentiments of devotees.
  1. A demand for the Government of India to enact legislation in Parliament that imposes strict penalties on individuals or entities altering the sacred texts of Sanatan Dharma.
  1. A resolution stating that any Sadhu Saints within Sanatan Dharma will boycott Swaminarayan temples, declining to welcome Swaminarayan saints or accept or extend invitations from them.
  1. A decision not to install deities from Sanatan Dharma in Swaminarayan temples, particularly emphasizing that Saints and devotees of the Swaminarayan sect consider Gajananda Swami as their favorite deity.
  1. A call for Saints and devotees of the Swaminarayan sect to refrain from invoking the names of gods and goddesses from any Sanatan religion.
  1. A resolution that Saints of the Swaminarayan sect should not recite scriptures from Sanatan Dharma, such as Bhagwat Gita, Ramacharit Manas, and Yajna rituals.
  1. A demand for the permanent removal of any portions within the scriptures of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya that attempt to denigrate Hindu Gods and Goddesses of Sanatan Dharma.
  1. A directive to immediately remove murals and Udichya Bhang in Swaminarayan Sampradaya locations where the gods and goddesses of Sanatana Dharma were prominent to Sahajananda Swami.
  1. A call for the immediate resignation of Swaminarayan saints from any Sanatan Dharma institutions.
  1. A resolution prohibiting the insult of any tradition within Sanatan Dharma by asking Mataji or Sadhvi sisters to step down from the stage during events.
  1. A declaration emphasizing the importance of not distorting the lines of Sanatan Dharma to advance one’s own agenda.
  1. An appeal for nationwide support from the Sant Samaj and retired citizens of Sanatan Dharma to seek justice.
  1. A demand to vacate premises occupied by Swaminarayan saints within Sanatan Dharma and return them to the government.

Dr. Jyotirnath Maharaj has articulated a resolute stance on the ongoing matter, emphasizing that this is not merely a dispute over a piece of land but a deeper issue. He stated that this is just the initial phase of their response, as they have decided not to participate in any events or programs with Swaminarayan Saints and will refrain from extending invitations to them. They are committed to communicating these decisions to their followers and ensuring their adherence.

Furthermore, Dr. Jyotirnath Maharaj made it clear that they will not visit Swaminarayan temples, and there will be no compromise on this matter. The decision is not solely about the land dispute but also pertains to their perception of how God is occasionally insulted in the literature associated with the Swaminarayan sect. This aspect has generated opposition and concern among sadhu saints within their tradition.

Rokadia Bapu, a respected saint from Ahmedabad, shared his sentiments, expressing a perspective of harmony and unity within the spiritual community. He conveyed his dismay, reflecting on the idea that if the saints from the Swaminarayan tradition did not become one’s guru, who else could they be? Rokadia Bapu’s personal journey also highlights his experience of spending a decade within the Swaminarayan tradition before returning to his roots.

He pondered on the profound relationship between a guru and their disciple, emphasizing that while human gurus may sometimes disappoint, the divine essence of God remains constant. Rokadia Bapu noted the transformation of Ghanshyam into Swami on the thirteenth day of being a guru and shared that he has been affiliated with Sanatan for the past four decades.


Statement by Sant Mohak Gangadas:

Sant Mohak Gangadas from Ankleshwar made a significant declaration during the Sant Sammelan, expressing their intent to present the scriptures in a court of law. They emphasized the importance of taking strict action in the matter at hand, where Hanumanji, a revered deity, holds great significance. Sant Mohak Gangadas cautioned that those who have placed Hanumanji in a particular context should exercise caution going forward. They stressed that it is no longer tenable to endure such situations indefinitely, and they have resolved to take legal action to address these concerns. The message conveyed is a call for spreading the right values and messages within society. Furthermore, Sant Mohak Gangadas called upon all monks and saints to unite and be prepared to defend their faith when it faces threats. It was emphasized that Swaminarayan’s tilak, a sacred mark, is no longer relevant in this context.

Statement by Gita Didi, a Nun from Girnar:

Gita Didi, a nun from Girnar, reiterated the sentiment that the saints and monks have played a significant role in serving the sisters, daughters, and the nation. She highlighted that Swaminarayan’s comments, which seem to assert the superiority of their Hanuman, have sparked concern. Gita Didi emphasized that Hanuman dwells within the Sanatani tradition and that people visit Salangpur because of this deep-rooted belief. She expressed faith in the wisdom and righteousness of the decision made by elder sadhu-saints, implying that it is in the best interest of the community and its values.

Saint Meeting

On September 5, an important meeting of the core committee of saints is scheduled to take place in Limbadi, where strategic discussions and decisions will be made. This gathering will see the participation of saints from various regions, including North Gujarat, Central Gujarat, and Saurashtra, coming together to chart the course of action. It is noteworthy that saints from across the country will be in attendance at this significant meeting.

The meeting witnessed the presence of numerous revered monks and saints, including:

  1. Mahamandaleswarama Vishweshwari Bhartiji Mata
  2. Mahamandaleshwar Shri Kalyan Nand Bharti Bapu
  3. Mahamandaleshwar Rishibharti Bapu Sarkhej
  4. Mahamandaleshwar Mahendragiri Bapu Junagath
  5. Mohandas Bapu
  6. Dilip Das Bapu
  7. Jyotinath Bapu
  8. Devanath Bapu Kutch
  9. Mahamandaleshwar Premanand Bapu
  10. Rajashastri Bapu Dahod
  11. Harshad Bharti Bapu Nashik

The gathering of these esteemed spiritual leaders underscores the gravity and significance of the matters at hand, highlighting a collective resolve within the community to address the challenges and issues facing their faith and traditions. Such meetings play a crucial role in shaping the course of action and decisions taken by the community in response to various concerns.

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