Sarangpur Mural Controversy: Identity of the Individual Behind Defacing Murals with Black Paint Revealed

Sarangpur Hanuman Distortion: Another incident has emerged amidst the controversy surrounding the murals in Sarangpur. In this case, an individual is seen attempting to vandalize the disputed murals by applying black paint and causing damage. The murals have suffered losses in this incident as well.

Sarangpur: The controversy surrounding the statue of King of Sarangpur depicting Hanumanji as a devotee of Lord Swaminarayan has sparked anger among sadhus and saints. A recent video shows a person attempting to deface the murals with black paint and striking them with a stick. Police have intervened at the scene to stop the individual from carrying out the act seen in the video.

The individual who attempted to apply black paint and strike the murals with a stick has been apprehended by the police. The authorities are currently questioning the person who is under arrest. Further investigation is underway at the scene, with senior police officers also present to gather more information about the incident.

The individual who applied paint to the murals and engaged in the disruptive behavior is currently being questioned by the police. The reason for their actions and their involvement in this incident is under investigation. Today is Saturday, a day when a large number of devotees gather here to seek darshan (sight) of Lord Hanuman. Among these devotees, one person had come here for darshan and is now being interrogated for their actions during this event.

After applying black paint to the murals, this individual also attempted to vandalize the murals by striking them with a stick-like weapon in their hand. Upon witnessing this act, the police officers present at the scene immediately rushed to apprehend the individual, who is now under arrest.

In light of the seriousness of this incident, high-ranking police officers, including the Deputy Superintendent of Police (Dy.SP) and the Senior Police Inspector from Barwala, immediately rushed to the scene. Currently, the police have set up barricades within the temple premises. The identity of the individual involved and the motives behind this act are under investigation by the police.

The statue has been cordoned off after an attempt by a devotee to vandalize the murals. The King of Sarangpur’s statue has been secured with a cordoned-off area, and efforts are underway to remove the black paint applied to the murals by temple volunteers.

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